Every so often a new range is launched that I can’t wait to get my hands on and this feeling of anticipation is always heightened when the whole look of the range and the words used to describe it as so damn seductive! I totally own the fact that I am seduced by sexy packaging and descriptors that promise amazing results; I also own the fact that I love a good ‘backstory’ ….you know…how it all came to …the inspiration and motivation behind it all. So, when I first laid eyes on the Orveda collection of products I swooned and had to still my beating heart. This is a high end luxury green Beauty brand on a mission to “Shift the mindset of beauty ..” away from anxiety and obsession towards positivity and self esteem. Love it! It seems to me that with so much angst being experienced by women of all ages and more recently by men too about skin ageing, a brand who aims to flip the script is a welcome addition to the skincare market.

Here’s some backstory 

The  range was created by Sue Y Nabi and Nicholas Vue and launched in 2017 both longstanding beauty industry experts; the concept is new age holistic skincare focused on creating glowing, luminous and healthy skin, as Sue Y Nabi says “Today, beauty (and the desire for beauty) is all about glow, light, luminosity, and not only looking but feeling healthy, in ways that go beyond a smoother-looking or tighter skin.”
There is a lot of science behind this range of positive ageing products but the science is used to harness the power of natural and bio fermented ‘actives’ to boost and strengthen the skin.

Orveda  have a range of cleansing options and although I plan to eventually try them all, I decided to start my Orveda journey with the cleansing powder because of my love of cleansers that transform from one texture to another as well as the ritualistic element…I guess it’s because cleansing rituals encourage mindful cleansing.

Whats to like

This cleansing powder transforms into a foam when water is added to it and is designed to both cleanse and exfoliate all skin types, including sensitive. The brand say “Our Clay-Mud Cleansing Powder is a balancing, cleansing and exfoliating care comprised of more than 60% actives, designed to deeply cleanse and remove make-up residue and impurities..”

I like the fact that you are provided with your own mixing bowl and Konjac sponge, although I have to confess that I prefer using it with my muslin cloth as my combination skin does love it. This gorgeously scented powder turns into a foam that feels lovely on the skin: after cleansing with this my skin is left feeling beautifully clean and silky. This cleanser is so skin friendly, that it’s easy to be tempted to use it everyday although the instructions suggest 3-4 times weekly.

The active ingredients are

Green Bentonite (Clay) known for its purification properties, Papaya Enzyme and Bamboo Powder known for their exfoliating power, Moringa Seed Peptide, It is also scented with Galbanum: Orveda’s “green” signature scent created by a master Parisian perfumer.

Green credentials

the sexy green bottles and jars are made from recyclable glass and plastic, water based inks are used, and all paper used is FSC certified.
The range is free from all nasties: so no parabens, artificial colours, sulphates, soap, alcohol, fruit acids or mineral oils.
Although this is at the luxe end of the market and deservedly so, a little goes a long way. Will I continue using this? Yes, and actually I can’t wait to try more from this groundbreaking range.
Available for £89.00 from  Here
As always if you’ve tried this I’d love to know what you think.
Denise x