Nowadays with our lives soooooo busy, it can be really useful to have some versatile beauty products near by for those moments when we need a little bit of desk side pampering. I thought it would be a good idea to share my current desk top beauty saviours, the products that I reach out for on a daily basis without fail…those lifesavers that get me through busy days in the office.

My first pick is an all purpose balm! I love an ‘all purpose balm’ and I am serious when I say that everyone should have one either on their desk, at their bedside or in their handbag. Lanolips do some great formulas and this one is called ‘Lano all-over’ and it’s amazing! It’s designed to provide extreme hydration …its “hydrating, nourishing and super intense” which means that wherever you put it will retain moisture for ages. imageYou can use it pretty much everywhere, I love using it on my lips because unlike most lipglosses and balms, I don’t have to keep reapplying ….one application keeps my lips moisturised and feeling great for hours. I also love using this on my elbows, feet and cuticles, where it does a really great job. Oh yes and it’s definitely one that you have to take with you when travelling, as it works a treat at counteracting the dehydrating effects of airplane air. Personally I find it a bit too rich to use as a hand cream, but see what you think.

Lastly it’s pure and natural! Made with lanolin, nourishing ingredients like Manuka honey and vitamin E. No testing on animals, no artificial colours, fragrances, parabens, sulphates etc… available from for £10.99

My next beauty saviour is a facial spritz and one of my favourites is Jurliques Rosewater Balancing Mist. This mist smells so gorgeous, thanks to the Rose essential oils that it contains. Not only does it smell lush, but Rose Oil is known for moisture. As an added bonus this  mist also contains Marshmallow and Aloe which are great for hydration.


Facial Sprays are wonderful for hydrating the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and moist, which is lovely on summer days, when you feel like you’re overheating plus they are great for freshening your makeup. While this has lots of goodies in it , it also contains alcohol which can prove to be irritating for some skins. Overall this is a lovely skin refresher available from for £18.00


My newest desk top beauty saviours are these fabulous ‘Cleanse by Lauren Napier’ Cleansing Wipes which are packed with hydrating Aloe, Cucumber and Camomilla, which also calm the skin. The other helpful thing is that they are slightly textured to help remove little impurities without causing irritation.image

These are great because they come in 3 easily portable sizes so they are great for travel, for keeping at work or at your bedside. Available from pack of 5 is £8.00 and the pack of 15 is £15.00 and the mega pack of 50 is £33.00.


Of course there has to be something to eat on my desktop which is where these ‘Superseeds’ by Punch foods come in. imageNow, let me be honest I’ve never been a seed person. Actually I’ve always been slightly irritated by people who eat seeds as if they’re a replacement for a lovely pack of very lightly salted cashew nuts (like my sister who I share an office with, who went through a phase of eating seeds like a bird every day) BUT I’ve been converted by these flavoured seeds!! Imagine I now eat seeds. These come in a range of flavours: Coconut Brownie, Maca caramel and Japanese Tamari are my faves. 12 X 25g tubes for £20.00 Available from

Last but certainly not least is this water by Nuva! imageOkay I won’t be a water bore….but you know how absolutely vital it is to stay hydrated, and how easy it is to forget to do it. One of my tips for drinking more water is to make an infusion with cucumber or melon, which makes your water taste great and this is a ready made infusion, love the convenience. This water comes in several flavours: cucumber and mint, Melon and Jasmine, Ginger and Lemon and is available for £8.49 for 6 bottles from  There are several other stockists such as selected Boots and Wholefoods stores which you’ll find on the Nuva website 

If you decide to try any of these desk top saviours let me know what you think 😘 Denise xxx