How to make your eyes look brighter!

How to make your eyes look brighter!

We all want bright eyes, don’t we? You know, where the whites of our eyes are actually white and not some sad creamy, pinky bloodshot colour that we try to hide behind glasses. Historically bright eyes are seen as a sign of health and beauty…so here are some tips on how to achieve brighter eyes!

Dehydration is the enemywater

Our eyes say a lot about our health, for example: if we are dehydrated our eyes may be slightly bloodshot and because dehydration can make us feel tired, our eyes may be droopy! So drink up… aim for at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.


Almost all of us are so busy working & playing hard that we don’t get enough sleep and of course it shows in our eyes! Set yourself a bedtime routine to get yourself in the mindset for sleep and try to get enough where you can.

Take care of your eyes

If your eyes are red, dry, scratchy or irritated, they’re less likely to have a natural sparkle. Taking care of your eyes is essential to keep them looking healthy: use eye drops if you have irritated eyes and avoid using lots of products around that area if its particularly sensitive.

Up your intake of omega fatty acids and vitamin A

You can try supplements specifically for eye health, but you can do it naturally too by increasing your intake of omega fatty acids in food including salmon, mackerel, flax seeds, chia seeds and walnuts. Vitamin A rich foods include sweet potatoes, cantaloupe and dark leafy greens like spinach.

Don’t overindulge on the booze

Too much alcohol can make our eyes puffy and bloodshot… so if you do overindulge… drink some water.. lots of it!


Okay now here are some makeup tips to help…alex image

Use a good concealer... darkness around and under the eyes create a look of fatigue. Try colour correcting to brighten up that under eye area or using a slightly lighter shade.

Make sure that your eyebrows frame your face

Curling your lashes is a simple trick that lifts the lashes, making your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Try using a kohl pencil in white, cream or a light colour to camouflage the water line of your eyes which is often pink or red.

Accentuate your eyes by using eyeshadows that make your eye colour really pop! For example terracotta’s and bronzes really make blue eyes brighter while gold can make green and brown eyes pop! You could also highlight the inner corner of the eyes.

Do be aware that a lot of pictures and videos you’ll see online where people’s eyes are sparkling may be the result of editing… so make sure to have realistic expectations.

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