You’ve found skincare products that you’ve been loving – yay! Now here’s the key: it’s all about maintaining that consistency so you can really start to see results and you can do this by creating a skincare routine specifically tailored for you.

Here’s your guide to ensure your skincare routine becomes part of your regular routine… your skin will be feeling amazing in no time!

 Streamline your routine

Quality is better than quantity. Try to regularly audit your skincare products and declutter any items you no longer need or aren’t effective. You could also make note of any expiry dates so you can make sure to use everything before they need to be binned.

It can be overwhelming to have too many products faced in front of you, so keeping your skincare products streamlined can make the process less stressful and easier to manage. This will also help stop you from overwhelming your skin with products as this can lead to irritation. “Keep it simple. Advanced formulations within skincare products these days have reduced the need for a ten step routine. By considering your skin type, condition and goals carefully you can create a simple but effective regime,” says Rebecca Elsdon, leading skincare expert and Owner of Skin health clinic:  Re:Skin

Set yourself goals

Have you got any specific goals that you want to achieve with your skincare routine? You may be looking to brighten your skin or improve texture… start there and find products that are designed to get the results you’re looking for.

Commit to a morning and evening routine

Allocate dedicated time in your morning and evening routines to your skincare: don’t rush it, enjoy the process and give it the time it deserves.

Stay organised

Setting a regular routine for your skincare will help you turn it into a habit. You could try skin cycling, where you use specific types of products on specific days, if you need extra help with organising your daily routine.

You might find phone reminders or even apps great at helping you to stay on track and make it easy.

Try placing the products somewhere visible if you’re prone to forgetting about them so you keep on track.

 Monitor your results

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing those results. Sometimes as you’re seeing your skin every day, you might not notice the changes, so try taking pictures or recording how your skin feels and then check back periodically to observe any improvements or changes.

You can then adjust your routine as your skin’s needs change and evolve and can work out which products your skin loves and doesn’t.

Don’t get distracted by trends

We’ve all been there – our heads get turned trends on TikTok or somewhere else online, but before you rush off and completely change everything you’re doing: work out what you want out of your skincare routine and really reflect on whether this could be something that’s beneficial to your journey.

Make sure to use Active products

“Many are unaware that the skincare they are using will have minimal effects on their skin. This can be because the formula itself does not contain any active ingredients that boost cell function, or it is not formulated for bioavailable or stability, so it won’t penetrate into the skin or remain stable on the shelf.

Investing in only one advanced cosmeceutical skincare formulation with balanced & bioavailable actives will do more for your skin than 10 products with poor efficacy. When starting with advanced skincare, start by incorporating an advanced serum into your routine as this is the powerhouse of your routine and will create visible change,” says Chief Scientific Officer Eve Casha with MSc Pharmaceutical Formulation.

Adapt for the seasons

Seasonal changes in humidity, temperature and sun exposure can affect how your skin feels and reacts so when the weather changes, change up your skincare.

You might find you prefer lighter products in summer and richer products in winter, for example.

Pamper yourself

Your skincare routine is your time to unwind and rejuvenate as you give your skin extra love. Incorporate it into your self-care routine… maybe introduce a relaxing facial mask or do an at home spa day when you have time. It also needs to be something you enjoy: this includes finding products you enjoy using. “One thing I always say to my clients is you need to enjoy using your products, or you just won’t be consistent enough. So swap any products that you don’t like the feel of on your skin or that sunscreen that makes your eyes sting to a product you love to apply. It’s consistency that will get you the results, and there are so many options on the market to choose from,” says Rebecca Elsdon, leading skincare expert and Owner of Skin health clinic:  Re:Skin

Clean your tools

This is your reminder to keep those tools clean to make sure you’re not introducing bacteria into your skin. Regularly clean your skincare tools like your brushes, sponges and jade rollers. Replace wash cloths and pillowcases regularly.

Remember: it takes time

Results won’t often happen immediately: you have to be patient and sometimes your skin will react differently due to external factors like the season, hormones and diet: so be gentle with yourself and see your skincare as a journey. Celebrate small wins too as positive reinforcement can strengthen your commitment.

Enjoy it and see it as an investment in your skin’s health and appearance. Embrace and celebrate it!