I’ve always been a fan of facial mists for two simple reasons 1) they are supremely refreshing when it’s hot or if I’ve been sitting at my desk staring at my computer for hours and 2) I always use one after cleansing to dampen my skin before using my faceoil or serum. Experience has taught me that unless a mist has got some truly amazing ingredients in it the moisture that it provides is fleeting, but the idea is nice. Case in point – I used to spritz relentlessly on planes until I realised that my skin was ending up more dehydrated; now when spritz on planes I then apply my fave face oil.

So as you can imagine I was super keen when I heard about this offering from Deciem because it’s a step above …it contains ingredients that help the skin to retain moisture. Yay!

What’s to love

The instant hydration of course. This non-greasy formulation contains a blend of Marine Saccharides and Glucuronic Acid that work in tandem to retain moisture levels with more significant results than we are used to getting with Hyaluronic Acid. It also contains Rose to help support skin natural water retention.

It is oil, alcohol, nut, silicone and cruelty free.

Other key ingredients 

Purified Green Tea Polyphenols and Golden Eye Grass Root – Synergistic plant biotechnology soothes the skin immediately and reduces signs of irritation.

Tasmanian Pepperberry – Reduces signs of inflammation and of redness, leaving the skin feeling calm and looking rested.

How to use

Simply spritz onto your skin after cleansing, let it soak in and then while your face is still damp apply your serum or face Oil. Just to be clear this is not an ‘anytime of the day mist’, it’s ‘a post cleansing pre moisturiser’ mist.

Buy it for £15 from Hylamide here