Have you ever thought about exfoliating your eye area? This is something that Alpha-H have taken upon themselves to tackle in their Absolute Eye Complex! I have to say, exfoliation near the eye area is something that alarmed me when I first came across this – but after doing a little research I was reassured that it is a very gentle exfoliation purely to remove the build-up of dead skin cells around this particularly sensitive area.

What’s in the Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex

It contains cooling cucumber and ‘the botox plant’ hibiscus. Hibiscus is known as a flower acid, not a fruit acid so it’s gentler and will exfoliate the dead skin very gently without damaging the under eye area. It also contains skin lifting Peptides to firm the skin and reduce swelling, along with Hyaluronic Acid which replaces lost moisture and plumps the skin.

What’s good about it

I have some milia around my eyes, which are tiny white bumps. They have always bugged me and I hope that this product, as an exfoliant, would help to decrease them without damaging the sensitive skin in that area. I have been using this product for a good month or so now and although I cannot say they’ve completely gone, there has been a small reduction in their appearance and it feels good to be using something with an exfoliant to reduce their appearance on a long-term basis. The skin around my eyes does feel a little firmer too, a tiny bit lifted. The product has a gel-like consistency and is clear. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky at all and absorbs in quickly. What I also really love about this product is that you can apply it right up to your lash line, but more about that below…

How to use

You can apply this product morning and night. You can also make this product even more cooling to help with any puffiness by keeping it in the fridge.

To allow maximum penetration, pat this into the skin around your eyes before your usual serums and moisturisers. What also makes this really interesting is that you can apply this right up to the lash line, rather than the usual method of applying eye creams, which is just up to the orbital bone. You can also apply this along on the lids to treat that area as well. It feels quite satisfying to apply the product directly to the under-eye area, rather than just around it, without having to worry about it migrating into your eye! It really makes you feel like you’re treating the eye area, rather than just the skin around the eye area.  

What’s not so good

One thing that I had a bit of an issue with – and is something I noticed in other customer reviews of this product – is that the pump isn’t the best. As careful as I am, I end up pumping out too much, which means I’m wasting some of the precious product each time I reach for it, or it will randomly squirt out in entirely the wrong direction, which is very wasteful and such a shame. But I will persevere because I really like this product!

Who says you can’t resurface the eye area?

Jessica xx

Buy it for £36.50 from Look Fantastic