Let me introduce you to Kypris and their Body Elixir! Kypris is a luxurious line of holistic, high-performance skin care boasting organic, wild crafted, and sustainably grown botanicals. This holistic skincare Brand is the creation of Chase Polan who is passionate to say the least about organic beauty and the power of using the beauty of nature to enhance our wellbeing. I’m loving the message that comes from this brand, a message that is the epitome of the Wow Beauty message ….that self care and wellbeing are the cornerstone of real beauty “Beauty comes from within in the sense that how you feel and experience yourself and the world is of vital importance”.

Everything in this range is 100% natural and nature-derived, scented and preserved with essential oils and plant extracts, the Brand are focused on harnessing the power of green science.

As the goddess Aphrodite is part of the Brand inspiration it’s fitting that everything comes in elegant white boxes decorated with gold writing and floral drawings…so lovely! If like me you love gorgeous packaging you won’t be disappointed.

The Body Elixir is a real treat in every sense. It comes in a beautiful green bottle decorated with white lace and you really feel that you’re going to experience something special; As you open the bottle and the compelling fragrance hits you, suddenly you want to focus. This is mindful beauty.

The fragrance makes you want to take your time. What is it? A compelling mixture of neroli and sweet orange that is both uplifting and nurturing. On my skin the orange takes precedence.

The texture is a satisfyingly weighty oil, not too thick or thin. I love oils especially good quality oils that have such a perfect affinity with the skin. A good quality oil does just what your skin needs it to do, without making its presence too obvious. This pale gold oil sinks into the skin with ease moisturising, nourishing and protecting while leaving a healthy glow.

The Ingredients are a powerful blend of skin boosting essential oils and phytonutrients. This body serum is full of bitter orange blossoms which boosts your wellbeing, skin-plumping sweet iris and antioxidant vitamin C ester, which will restore the skin’s ‘bounce’ and protect against the harmful side-effects of everyday exposure to free radicals. It also contains sunflower, moringa, prickly pear and tamanu seed oils which kick-start the creation of collagen, moisturise the skin and promote youthful elasticity.

The benefits of this oil are simply expressed as: deeply moisturising, deeply hydrating, deeply nourishing and spirit soothing.

Buy the Body Elixir from Cult Beauty for £91