Kyushi cleansing oil

Kyushi cleansing oil

Ah Kyushi….I love the way that this organic skincare brand seeks to remind us that #selfcarematters and promotes it through its products. Their face oils are designed to not only look after your skin, but the aromatherapy oils utilised are also there to look after your mind. Love that. In our review of their fab power of ten facial oil HERE you’ll read about how the oil is designed to harmonise the skin.

Now this cleansing oil from Kyushi packs a serious punch when it comes to skin loving ingredients ….because not only are the oils used high performance botanicals BUT they are all non comedogenic, so that oily skins can benefit PLUS its essential oil free so that sensitive skins can enjoy it too. Love that.

What’s to love…

This oil feels good when massaged into the skin and it spreads easily over the contours of your face. The brand recommend doing a double cleanse the first to remove dirt and any makeup, the second for a deep clean. And you know what? The double cleanse really delivers …honestly my skin just glows after performing this ritual, plus it looks clean and refined and feels soft and plumped. Love it.

The brand suggests that if you want more of a mood boosting experience you can add a few drops of one their face oils to your second cleanse….the Jasmine, Lavender and Cedarwood blend would be perfect for a calming, harmonising and grounding cleansing experience.

What’s in it

Castor oil – packed with essential fatty acids, also has anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties. Good for restoring moisture in the skin.

Camelina oil – another oil that’s packed with essential fatty acids as is great for inflammatory skin conditions. Also said to be effective on enlarged pores.

Rosemary leaf extract – as well as being anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory rosemary extract is also known for its ability to tone the skin.

Grapeseed oil- contains high levels of vitamin E, which has high antioxidant properties, and has shown to contribute to the reduction of damaged cells from free radicals in the body.

Hemp oil – It can even help to balance out oily skin, hydrating it and regulating the skin’s oil production.

Jojoba oil- it has antibacterial properties, boosts the skins glow and moisturizes dry skin

Safflower oil – fights inflammation and softens dry skin

How to use 

They recommend using three drops, but use however much feels right to you. Drop the oil into your hand, rub hands together gently, cup hands over the nose and inhale deeply three times, in through the nose and out through the nose. You should feel your stomach move up and down. This oxygenates your body, giving all your cells the crucial oxygen it needs to regenerate and puts your body into rest and digest – your healing nervous system. Then apply to your face, neck, and lips in sweeping upwards motions. This will deliver the essential oils topically into your cells whilst nourishing your skin with its plant-based properties.

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