Love Absolute | Brand Focus

Love Absolute | Brand Focus

Beauties, we’re excited to talk all about the gorgeous natural skincare brand from the UK, Love Absolute!

We’ve been passionate about the brand and reviewed some lovely products last year… here’s our edit of some of our favourite products from the brand.

This brand focuses on English grown purple fruits, wild flower oils and organic oils naturally high in essential fatty acids, micronutrients and antioxidants to bring life to their range. In fact, they describe themselves as:

“Naturally effective skincare which blends earthy ingredients with a dash of alchemy and cold pressed organic fruit and flower seed oils.”

Sparkle and Glow Facial Bar

This is an exfoliating bar with a difference – loaded with soothing but effective skin loving ingredients like sandalwood, turmeric and elderberry seed oil – that work to moisturise and calm inflammation. This is subtly scented with the subtle fragrance of sandalwood and organic May chang.

It is a fabulous cleansing bar to leave you glowing!

Key ingredients:

  • Sandalwood – astringent and sustainable to help keep skin clear
  • Wild Tumeric – which has a rich blend of magnesium and vitamins
  • English Elderberry seed oil – moisturises and regulate skin, it’s a rich antioxidant.
  • Tree bark Thanika – this has a gentle exfoliating texture

Buy the Sparkle and Glow facial bar for £41 from the DOR Beauty Edit

Salvation Angel Clay

If you like a deep cleanse and love using a face mask then you’ll love this clay mask from love absolute. This is a combination of ph balanced blue and green earth clays, Organic seaweed, and blue green algae designed to deep clean the pores and heal the skin ….this works really well for combination and oily skins leaving it looking really clean and silky. 

Let the earth heal your skin! This beautiful clay mask from Love Absolute carefully cleanses, exfoliates the skin, the gorgeous ingredients activated when mixed with water. You can also mix it with live natural yogurt, or cold green tea for an extra boost of nutrition.

 Key ingredients:

  • Gentle green and blue earth clays & aquamarine sea clay with sea greens –
  • Contains over 60 rare Earth minerals and irons including silver – vitamin rich!
  • Organic seaweed, blue green algae and mineral clay blend to clean dead cells, exfoliate your skin, and help clear up problem skin and blemishes.

Buy the Salvation Angel Clay for £36 from the DOR Beauty Edit

Facial Radiance Oil

The scent is so beautiful, it makes you stop and inhale… it really make it into a skincare ritual. You can’t help but stop and really take note of what you’re doing with this oil. It has a great energy to it.

 Key Ingredients:

Wild Fruit and Flower serum that contains high levels of plant derived gma’s and sda’s, with absorbable vitamin c to help soothe skin and improve any dryness, while diminishing the effects of weather and pollution on the surface of the skin.

Buy the facial radiance oil for £37 from the DOR Beauty Edit

Essential Purifying Hand Spray

If you are looking for an alternative to harsh alcohol gels that we’re all using constantly at the moment, then look no further. This vegan aromatherapy hand mist from Love Absolute kills bugs and bacteria while leaving your hands feeling comfortably moisturised.

Key Ingredients

  • 72% of certified organic alcohol. Their Ethanol (Alcohol Denat) is certified organic by the soil association.
  • Blue Tansy: is soothing and calming with chamalazuline an antioxidant active that calms skin and provides a beautiful herbal scent with a balancing aspect to the blend.
  • Tea tree:  amazing for everyday purposes, as an antiseptic and antiviral with well known and proven properties and is often used topically to treat skin abrasions, acne, bug bites, and fungal problems.
  • Organic Lemongrass:  another essential oil with well known antibacterial properties, plus combines well with tea tree to calm and support with its actives nerol and geraniol that help tea tree as an antiseptic.
  • Witch Hazel: a flowering plant whose extracts are thought to calm and soothe sensitive skin.

Read the full review of this here

Buy the hand sanitizer for £10 from the DOR Beauty Edit 

Naked Rose Nutrition Cream

This cream feels really nice on the skin, not sticky at all. It has a nice rose scent that isn’t overpowering. It’s light enough to use during the day, but nicely hydrating enough that I’m happy to use it as a night cream too when needed. The skin feels noticeably softer and hydrated after use. In fact – the cream and facial radiance oil together work really well. The cream on top creates a nice balance to the skin and they melt together into the skin beautifully.

Key Ingredients:

  • Rose Centrifolia flower extract – calming and Rose Geranium essential oils creates a balancing infusion
  • Cold pressed Blackcurrant, Elderberry, Raspberry, Poppy Seed, Organic Rose Hip & Organic Thistle Seed Oils infused with Rose & Rose Geranium Essential Oils. Known for being antioxidant rich to protect the skin again free radical damage, hydrate and soften the skin.
  • Vegan Hyaluronic Acid to reduce fine lines and plump the skin (find out more about Hyaluronic Acid here)

Buy the Naked Rose Nutrition Cream for £36 from the DOR Beauty Edit

Tahitian Monoi Flower Balm

This has a lush but non greasy texture, and has been formulated to be non-comedogenic and similar to our skins own sebum.

This lush gorgeously scented balm is a dream for your skin. It’s blend of black currant seed, starflower seed and elderflower seed oil along  with gardenia extract which is both calming and soothing for dry, sensitive skin types …this really works well as a night treatment.

The gorgeous scent of this balm reminds me of tropical vacations and comes from the inclusion of gardenia flowers. This is a deeply hydrating balm perfect for drier or dehydrated skin types and is a multi-tasker: use it as a day time moisturiser or a night time skin treat, as a treatment mask or as a cleanser depending on your skins needs.

Key Ingredients:

  • Blackcurrant seed oil – smoothes and repairs dry facial skin
  • Starflower seed oil – helps to reduce fine lines
  • Elderberry seed oil – helps resolve redness and inflammation.
  • Loaded with nutritious fatty acids and purple fruit antioxidants that absorbs quickly leaving skin soft and smooth.
  • Vegan Myrica Fruit Wax – naturally extracted from sun dried berries, and is full of protective triglycerides, which moisturise beautifully.

Buy the Tahitian Monoi Flower Balm for £22 from DOR Beauty Edit

All About Sustainability

Sarah who is the founder of Love Absolute is passionate about making sure that her brand is sustainable and carefully considers all aspects of this in the creation of her products, which is something that we love about this brand.

Their products are 100 % Vegan and Insect and Bee friendly. This ensures soil diversity, whilst extending the season for pollinating insects, with a lower carbon footprint.

Being Eco-Conscious is a very broad subject and some of the things they think about are, impact to environments, farming methods, biodiversity, Soil Diversity, water use and wastage – locality and impact on local people.


They also think about their packaging and their normal products are all housed in Miron Glass which are high quality,  solid and re-usable and can be washed and repurposed as spice and herb jars that will keep your spices much fresher.

The only waste might be the label, which can be peeled off and put in with the recycling and they post without any added plastic in cardboard and string.

Ingredients and Sourcing

In terms of ingredients sourcing we have probably the lowest carbon and shortest journey time of any UK brand, as the bulk of our ingredients are grown and cold pressed within a two hour drive.

The Earth

In terms of biodegradable end results, any emulsifiers or preservatives they use are green tech which means what goes back to the earth  ( down the sink) will not  cause any problems to the environment, and all adhere to the standards of cosmos nature and eco.

They have designed their products to be able to meet the soil association standards so they can certify in the future as they grow – meanwhile they follow the developments in farming to make sure they are doing their best to stay conscious and ethical.

(*PR gift/sample)

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