Love these lip hydrators!

Love these lip hydrators!

It’s getting colder and I find that the lips are one of the first things to suffer during this time… so now is the time I start looking for hydrating lip treatments to keep my lips feeling hydrated and protected against the cold weather.

I’ve recently been loving these two lip products – they both give a beautiful, subtle pink sheen to the lips and have great ingredients to hydrate the lips for long-lasting effects.

Although they’ve both got a similar pink sheen, they do look different and have very different textures… let’s talk about them:

Lanolips Lip Water

The original Lanolips balm is certainly a staple favourite here at Wow Beauty and we were excited to try something new from this brand!

This product has quite thin formula, aptly described as ‘Lip Water’. In fact – they describe it as a ‘serum’ for the lips. Perfect for those of you who like their lip products to feel as weightless as possible… makes the lips feel hydrated and soft. It has a wand to easily apply the product on the go.

This one is more sparkly than the one from Image Skincare, the pink is a little more pronounced too, with a minty scent.

Key Ingredients:

  • LANOLIN: The molecular structure of lanolin mimics human oils, which is why it’s called ‘Nature’s Wonder Moisturiser.
  • HYARULONIC ACID: A natural mega moisturiser in its own right, HLA boosts hydration in Lip Water – find out more about it here
  • MINT OIL: Refreshes and instantly wakes up lips.

ORMEDIC sheer pink lip enhancement complex

Science-Based brand Image Skincare have recently launched their new Ormedic Collection: this a line that blends together potent botanicals with clinically smart ingredients aimed to do three things: NOURISH, PROTECT and SOOTHE… love it!

This lip product has quite a thick consistency to coat the lips and hydrate it beautifully. It gives your lips more of a ‘juicy’ plump appearance, which is achieved from the consistency of the product and the peptides in the formula.

The pink is much more like a sheen, it is beautiful and subtle.

Key Ingredients

  • Polypeptide complex: promotes full lip appearance
    Avocado oil: rich in natrual moisturizers
    Vitamin E: skin-conditioning antioxidant

These are both great lip treatment options with a pink sheen giving something a little extra something to them, with very different, but both lovely, textures to hydrate and soften the lips. Fab products!

Buy the Lanolips Lip Water for £13 from Cult Beauty

Buy the Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancer for £21 from Image Skincare

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