Hi Beauties, as the winter weather tries to have its way with our skin, here is some good news: apparently night time is an amazingly good time for your skin. Now of course this is not new to me and I suspect it’s not new to you either (ok all of you smarty pants) but I’m not sure if you are aware of just how much happens to our skin at night ….the potential for rejuvenation is impressive.

So here’s some science…it’s as easy as A B C
A. At night our bodies and that includes our skin is much more prone to becoming dehydrated because we lose more water: you must have noticed how some mornings you can wake up parched and your face can feel like a piece of loofah ( which is why it’s so vital to drink enough water throughout the day) Apparently our skin is hotter and drier at night which is why we are encouraged to use night time skin products that help to replace lipids etc….

B. The human body uses night time to detox, renew and process nutrients ( bet you didn’t know that smarty pants!) which is why it’s the ideal time to apply renewing serums and other skincare goodies. Our skin uses sleep time to make new collagen PLUS blood flow to the skin is increased when we sleep!

C. Apparently ‘Beauty sleep’ really is a ‘thing’; there is a stage of our sleep when growth hormone is prominent and gets busy repairing the body tissues and it’s at this stage that proteins break down much more slowly allowing them to work on cell growth and repair.

D. Bedtime is the best time to apply products that contain the antioxidant vitamins C&E because they remain potent for longer at night when we are shielded from daylight.

I’ve always been a morning cleansing type of chick, so it takes an amazing amount of self discipline for me to flip the switch and do my main cleanse at night ….which is really when I should be doing it…you know removing the days grime etc…. exfoliating etc…but I love my morning cleanse especially as I have combination skin, that loves my muslin cloth or my clarisonic. A mindset change is afoot…by sheer force of my desire for better skin. So I’ve accepted that my usual night time thing of a quick swipe with the misceller water that lives at my bedside just might not be cutting it, if I want to be applying sexy products that promise to revive, rejuvenate and regenerate my skin. I’m getting there ….slowly….a little inconsistently…but hey, it’s progress.

Here’s a selection of rather gorgeous night time beauty treats designed to aid your skins beauty sleep.

Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep

This soft pink gel balm was launched by Vichy last year….the buzz is that it’s designed to replicate the effects of a good nights sleep as Vichy say “Idealia Skin Sleep has been formulated for those who suffer from poor sleep, and are concerned about the tell-tale signs” like dull dehydrated skin. We say put it on, go to sleep and wake up with softer, fresher skin!

Ren Wake wonderful Night Time Facial

This night time treatment takes the form of a light creamy lotion. It’s primary focus is to improve the skins radiance. The active ingredients include black currant seed oil…..cranberry seed oil …..magnesium ……lactic and glycolic acid which work overnight to leave your skin softer, smoother and brighter. Longer term the brand say that you should notice a more even skintone and a reduction in fine lines. This is good for all skin types except sensitive and as with all things REN there are no parabens or sulphates.

Decleor Aromessence Excellence

This ultra-regenerating serum is lush and packed with the best essential oils for positive ageing. This intensely nourishing super serum works in harmony with the skin to regenerate the skin deep down and restore facial firmness and volume.  

“This 100% pure, 100% natural, global anti-ageing concentrate with a fine and silky texture is specially formulated for the daily care of mature skin. It helps to renew the skin, combat dehydration, reduce pigmentation irregularities and acts as a true effectiveness booster. The skin is smoother and firmer and appears regenerated with renewed density. Preservative-free, colorant-free with no parabens and no mineral oils.” This can be used both day and night. This gorgeous serum is no longer on the Decleor website but is available on online.

Delarom Anti-Ageing Restructuring Balm

Delarom is an aromatherapy brand with over 40 years history. There are products are infused with organic botanicals, a cocktail of high quality essential oils and advanced patented biotechnology, it also contains the rare Bulgarian rose. Great for hydration, nourishment and firming of the skin and it smells gorgeous. I love the soothing nature of this lush balm which is why I use it at night…although you can use it anytime.

Alpha H liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream

Is one those legendary products that you might have heard about but never tried.  The brand say that it “Smoothes the skin, restores radiance and luminosity: Raised pH maximises moisturising potential and eases tingling on application: Reduces surface pigment, softening the appearance of sun spots and sun damage, rebuilds the scaffolding of the skin resulting in a plumper and more youthful skin tone”. I like the fact that the cream takes care of exfoliation and moisturising at the same time. The texture is very satisfying and feels like a real treat when I apply it at night to clean skin and it has a lovely fresh scent AND you can see a visible difference in the morning.

Kiss The Moon After Dark Glow Kit 

Kiss the Moon have created this gorgeous night time skin kit that’s made up of a face polish and a face Oil. I’m loving this because this lovely duo combines two important skincare elements: exfoliation and nourishment PLUS there’s the added therapeutic benefit of luscious aromatherapy oils that are designed to soothe and relax. It smells so good.
The skin polish is made up of sugar AHAS & mango butter and the oil nourishes the skin with a blend of orange, geranium, myrrh and Llisea oils and is especially good for dry or dehydrated skins.

Payot Supreme Jeunesse Nuit

This is a rich and silky cream that contains Payot’s special Youth Complex, a high concentration of active ingredients that work through the night to combat environmental and free radical damage accumulated during the day. it provides deep hydration and smooths the skin and is rich in antioxidants to help prevent further free radical damage and it contains hyaluronic acid too. This is meant to be good for all skin types and if you like your creams rich and lush then this is for you.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair

This legendary serum from Estée Lauder has achieved cult status in the night time skincare arena. Once tried it’s one of those that most women return to because they like what it does for their skin. It’s got a light silky texture and is easily absorbed. I like it because it does make my skin feel more supple and moist (probably thanks to the high level of hyaluronic acid) it also Contains a good mix of vitamin- and plant-based antioxidants. It’s also Fragrance-free and  suitable for all skin types.