Don’t you just love it when a product comes along that you instantly have an affinity for? One that you’re glad has been created and that you know will become a welcome addition to your bodycare tool kit. I like to call this a delightful and game changing body care product…because it proves that nourished and moisturised skin does not equate to greasy shiny skin.

Now, I get that for many women that’s not necessarily an issue, but for those of us who are on a constant search for a body lotion that keeps our skin not only feeling loved but maintaining that for more than a few hours without a heavy transferable residue, when something like 79 Lux comes along …and well… we’re jumping up and down.

I asked 79Lux founder Karen Cummings-Palmer about her motivation and she said ….

“I couldn’t find a treatment for the body that ticked all of my boxes.  I wanted it to be deeply nourishing but not greasy, with natural, organic and high performance ingredients.  It needed to improve the look and feel of the skin instantly and improved its ability to heal over time It needed to be  luxuriously but sustainably packaged  so I created it!”

Here’s the thing: many modern skincare products are designed to deliver the results that we are used to or better but often not in the way that we are used to…ok let me explain; we’re used to creams and butters that provide a reasonable level of skin comfort and a level of hydration that often turns out to be superficial. The new school of body moisturising products are designed to work at a deeper level using ingredients that offer long term improvement. 79 Lux is one of those…this is a body balm…not quite a cream and not quite a lotion and it delivers.

What’s in it….

This is an ultra nourishing body balm made using organic and wild crafted ingredients to nourish, nurture and protect.  Rich in Essential Oils, Shea butter, Rose Quartz, Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid and Zinc – finished with a touch of Gold for that ‘lit from within’ luminosity. Love it!

Key ingredients to note:

Lactic acid – is one of the gentler alpha hydroxy acids, considered suitable for sensitive skins: it can act as an exfoliator, by dissolving the bonds that hold dry dull cells together. So over time you’ll find your skin is less dry and dare I say prone to scaliness.

Hyaluronic acid – is surely one of the most popular ingredients in skincare right now. It’s known for it’s ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water…perfect for effectively hydrating legs and arms. So over time your skin will exhibit better moisture levels as the hyaluronic acid is able to penetrate deeper thanks to the effects of the lactic acid.

Shea butter – is always a winner for its deeply moisturising and skin softening abilities.

Who it’s for….

Well everyone basically, especially anyone who appreciates a premium quality body product that delivers. As the brand say….

“If your skin is dry, dull or mature this antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rich balm will become a daily essential, if it is normal – a special treat.”

This lush balm is going to become a favorite item for many of us who are keen to invest in skincare that provides long term benefits as Karen says…

“I belong to a generation of women whose bodies, tastes in fashion and expectations for their health and wellbeing have changed little since their thirties but many have neglected the skin on their arms and legs that they still want to reveal.  I wanted to address their needs with serious skincare for the body.”

What’s to love? everything …including the gorgeous soft rose scent, the glamorous packaging and the effect on your skin!

Although this has only recently launched, it’s already stocked at Cult Beauty here Here  for £46.00

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