The sun has been shining here and SPF has certainly been on our mind. Keeping your skin protected is so important and incorporating that in your skincare is certainly something to consider. What really attracted me to this new Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Day Cream is that it has SPF 30 and also has an innovative micronized sunscreen, meaning no white streaks and an offering of evenly distributed broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Of course, you do need to reapply your SPF after a few hours so I would bring something else to top up when I’m out (I’m not going to be reapplying this cream every few hours) but as a base, it is fantastic. But this cream is more than just a sunscreen.

This is the cream blended in, leaving no white cast and providing a nice glow.

What I love

The cream feels quite soothing on the skin, sinks in like a dream and I do feel as though my skin is smoother from continued use – and texture on my skin is something I am constantly working on. Elemis said that the cream will gently ‘nibble away’ at dead skin cells, which just reminds me of those fishes that take off the dead skin on your feet… but don’t let that description put you off!  It feels almost buttery, not in a greasy way but it certainly feels very luxurious and rich without being heavy. You barely need to use any to cover your entire face either, so this pot is going to last a while. After use, I am left looking glowing and I love it.

 What to watch out for

I wouldn’t recommend that you try applying too much, as the SPF in this product can make it a tiny bit gritty on the skin – but this has only really happened when I’ve applied too much and is very very minimal. It also has a very faint scent and one of the ingredients in this product is fragrance, so be aware of that if you’re someone who wants to completely avoid fragrance in their skincare.

 What’s in it

Some of the key ingredients on this cream are: raspberry seed oil which is an antioxidant and absorbs UV-B and UV-C, so useful as a broad spectrum sunscreen, white truffle which is great for its anti-ageing properties and Myrtle, which has antiseptic properties and protects and helps to boost the natural anti-oxidant defence system, reinforcing skin resistance to external stressors.

Here’s what Elemis has to say about this new cream – ‘It contains patented Tri-Enzyme technology and an innovative micronized sunscreen with enwrapping technology. It is supposed to not only stimulates the skin’s natural cell renewal cycle, but protects it from the harmful effects of UV rays.’

Elemis is a brand that never lets me down and I am very pleased with their latest offering. My skin feels smoother, glowy and fresh – and protected from the sun’s rays without leaving a white cast! Would I buy it again? Yes, once I’ve saved up my pennies as this is certainly a little more of a splurge!

Jessica xx

Buy it for £82 from Elemis