Niod’s Myrrh Clay Mask

Niod’s Myrrh Clay Mask

You know those days when you look in the mirror and you don’t even know where to start to pull your face together? (Hopefully, someone can relate) well… those are the days that you need this mask.
I’d read about this offering from cult brand NIOD, liked the fact that it has Myrhh in it and called it in to try it. It was on one of those aforementioned mornings that I eventually put it to the test.

What’s to love

Put simply it delivers: It brightens, it firms and tightens and pores look way better.
It’s already mixed so you just have to scoop some out and apply the thick paste to your face.

What’s not to love

The packaging; it comes in a jar normally used for vitamin supplements which makes scooping it out tricky…would love it if it was in a tube like the Sanskrit Saponins Cleanser.

What’s in it?

  • Myrrh Clay combines a highly-purified myrrh with isolated polyphenols from strawberry leaves (Ayurveda), concentrated Wu Zhu Yu (from traditional Chinese medicine), in a nutrient base of humic-rich peat and Indian Multani Mitti clay.
  • Free from all nasties

How to use it Niod’s Myrrh Clay Mask

As a weekly treatment, apply to dry skin, leave for 15 minutes during which time it dries, then rinse.

Need to know

When you apply this mask you may notice a tightening or tingling sensation, similar to what you get with charcoal masks but that will ease.
Once it’s dry and time to rinse off, be patient as it can take a minute to remove it thoroughly [I use a muslin cloth to remove it]
Oh yes …if you are going to use a cloth to remove it be prepared for the staining
I think that this is worth purchasing if your skin likes the effect of a mask that delivers …fast and effective with visible results.
D xx

Buy the Niod Mask for £28 from Feel Unique

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