In this age of constant skincare innovation, every so often a brand comes along that marries science with nature and those kind of brands always catch my attention. Codex beauty is one such brand that offers organic skin care that is free of harmful ingredients and yet uses science and technology as its base.

This brand was founded on the basis of age-old traditional remedies from around the world which is exactly the case with their first collection the beer collection which focuses on the untapped power of botanicals from Ireland.

As a big fan of facial oils, I couldn’t wait to get started with this one and I wasn’t disappointed. This oil has a lovely light texture and it sinks into your skin beautifully without leaving any surface shine just a subtle glow and the added bonus is that it smells simply gorgeous, it has an uplifting woody kind of fragrance and you can definitely smell the rosemary perfect for a little bit of mindful facial massage you know the drill inhale first and then apply to your skin.

This facial oil has an impressive ingredients list that includes rosehip seed oil, baobab seed oil, prickly pear seed oil and see buckthorn all of which are blended together to offer superior hydration for the skin improved moisture retention and improved smoothness.

This oil is designed for all skin types and to be honest I am sometimes dubious about claims of products are made for all skin types, but in this instance the blend of ingredients works really well for my combination skin leaving it smooth hydrated and calm.

Codex Beauty are very focused on having control over all steps of the supply chain they say this allows them to guarantee the purity of their ingredients which is how they managed to make their products suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive.


Key Ingredients

The common denominator in most of the oils blended to make this be a face oil is that they’re all high in essential fatty acids which makes it incredibly powerful for skin health as these acids particularly linoleic and oleic are vital when it comes to rehydrating and replenishing the skin:

Rosehip seed oil is rich in antioxidants and is known for its ability to heal the skin and regenerate it also very suitable for sensitive skins moisturises and softens

See buckthorn oil is highly antioxidant and is known for helping to protect the skin from free radical damage as well as helping to improve the skin structure and tone plus it improves skin elasticity.

Prickly pear oil helps to unify the skin tone and is particularly good at keeping the pores unblocked in fact prickly pear oil is said to have a comedogenic rating of 0/5 which means it actually works to unclog the pores…love that.

Baobab oil is known again for its high content of essential fatty acids especially oleic and linoleic acids which are great at treating inflammation caused by conditions like eczema and psoriasis it is also a great skin moisturiser and is one of the ingredients that helps to maintain moisture within the skin and helps to improve elasticity.

Kiwi seed oil contains up to 62% essential fatty acid and is great at helping the skin to maintain moisture as well as hope to keep it supple.

Rosemary oil is known for its ability to stop excessive sebum production and help keep skin clear it is also effective at fading dark spots.

What’s to love:

  • The calming effect that it has on the skin
  • The light but still luxe texture that is easily absorbed.
  • The way it hydrates and keeps your skin feeling nourished and supple.
  • The quality of the ingredients
  • The fragrance
  • Its organic credentials

How to use

Apply a couple of drops to cleansed skin before moisturising. (although it can be used alone)

Buy the oil for  £68.80 from John Lewis

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