If you are a bath person….you know who you are, the kind of person who lives a long soak in a hot bath to unwind, relax and decompress, then you should continue reading.

Personally, I love anticipating a hot bath when I need to do the above. There’s no special time of day, it can great as an early start to the day helping me to focus on the day ahead or it can be at night after a busy day, either way I always like to add something to the water; it can be as simple as Epsom salts or some gorgeously scented aromatherapy oil. Honestly, I can’t believe that this Olverum oil has only just come into my orbit, especially as it’s been around for over 80 years, maybe it’s because it’s just been taken over by a British company and revamped.

The brand says – “With just a few drops in your bath, these carefully chosen extracts combine to help ease stress and relax tension in both mind and body, bringing you back to your complete and natural self.”

Here’s why I love it – as soon as you open the bottle the powerful and therapeutic scent combination of Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon, Lime and eucalyptus envelop you…I had the bottle on my desk the day I received it and I found my self inhaling the scent of this fab oil from the bottle as a stress reliever a few times.

In a nutshell, having a bath with this oil is a truly therapeutic experience: of course a bath can’t completely eliminate stress from our lives but with the right ingredients it can certainly help to relieve some of the effects of stress, namely tension ….it allows us to simply exhale the tension and inhale the calm.

My verdict – this oil is pure alchemy and will be a regular fixture in my bathing collection form now on.

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