I love it when I get an invitation to a brand event that ends up embedded in my memory not just because of the venue, presentation and hospitality but because of the insight into the story behind the brand, which is the case with OM Skincare.

The Story

OM Skincare is one of those newer brands that I find really appealing because it exists to  It is the brainchild of dynamic entrepreneur Dr.Om Prawarisa and it was great to meet her and hear first hand about what inspired her to create this lovely range of products; basically she created them in response to her need for flexible products that would fit into her busy lifestyle, no matter where in the world she was gong to be. The other motivation was to merge her love of science with her love of nature and ancient wisdom “Since childhood I dreamed of creating my own skincare range …..by combining my scientific experience with the Chi Energy found in nature. I submerged myself in Ancient Wisdom and I wanted to share these secrets.”



Those of you who are regular readers will know that inner wellbeing is a big part of the Wow Beauty message, so it will come as no surprise to hear that I was especially intrigued by the fact that mindfulness is such an integral part of this brands philosophy; because many of us find it difficult to include time for ‘mindful moments’ in our daily lives, it’s refreshing that this brand encourages us to make our cleansing one of those moments.


The OM Skincare Pure Glow Cleanser

Is uniquely designed as a multifunctional cleanser, so you can use it both as a cleanser, makeup remover and as a deep cleansing treatment. It’s also designed to work for all skintypes – dry, oily and everything in between…the idea being that it balances oilier skin types and rehydrates drier skins.  This formula restores pH levels in the skin whilst preserving the skins natural oils as well as hydrating it. For those with oilier skins prone to blocked pores, it can help to reduce the onset of blackheads, pimples and acne.

Here’s why I like this cleanser

I really enjoy using this cleanser because it cleanses my combination skin brilliantly, leaving it smooth and comfortable; my oilier zones are left sebum free. This is a gel formula that emulsifies when water is added to it and works equally well whether I’ve used my muslin cloth or my Clarisonic. Oh yes, theres also the fragrance…which is subtle and clean, with a soft aromatherapy style scent which I’m guessing might be the sweet orange extract….inhale….exhale….





The brand says

“Formulated with Organic Aloe Vera, gentle extracts of Rosewood – known for rejuvenating the skin whilst promoting happiness and Sweet Orange extract – known to increase the production of collagen. Pure Glow Cleanser serves as a premium detox for your skin, drawing out impurities, leaving skin clean, while preserving the natural oils and the integrity of the skin.”

Key Ingredients

Organic Aloe Vera, Rosewood Oil Sweet Orange Oil. The Rosewood is known for it’s ability to rejuvenate the skin whilst promoting happiness and Sweet Orange extract is known for it’s abilityto increase the production of collagen.

Here’s how to use it

For Everyday Cleansing– Apply morning and night, massage gently into the skin with upward circular motions then rinse off with warm water

As a Makeup Remover– Simply remove with a cotton wool pad

For a Deep Cleansing Treatment– Apply onto clean, dry skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes twice a week. Massage with the tips of your fingers prior to rinsing.

Here is the mindfulness part – Breathe deeply to release blockages in the flow of Chi, thereby restoring vital energy to skin and giving yourself a chance to relax

(*PR gift/sample) Available from http://www.omskincare.co.uk for £35.00