Post workout skincare tips!

Post workout skincare tips!

So, you’ve found a workout that you enjoy and makes you feel amazing – that’s great! Now it’s time to make sure your skincare routine that follows makes you feel just as good. Post workout skincare is essential to keep your skin feeling its best, as sweat induced oil can potentially lead to skin issues and discomfort.

Here’s some post workout skincare tips for you…

Tie back your hair

Keep long hair tied up during your workout to prevent it from touching your skin and transferring sweat and oil. Ideally, if you’re very sweaty you’ll want to wash your hair, but if that’s not possible you could use a dry shampoo or a refreshing mist to reduce some of those oils from your scalp and deodorise.

Boucleme Foaming Dry Shampoo


Flora & Curl Scalp Refresh Mist

Wash your hands first

If you go to the gym in particular, making sure to wash your hands before touching your face is key!post workout

Always wash your hands before washing your face. Gym equipment can harbour lots of bacteria which you can transfer onto your skin if you don’t wash your hands before touching your face,”  Dr Brendan Khong at Dr David Jack.

Make sure to cleanse properly after a workout

Sweat clogs pores, which can lead to breakouts, particularly if you’re prone to them. As soon as you complete your workout, make sure to clean your face to remove that sweat, dirt and bacteria. You’ll feel better for it too – even if you just splash your face with some water will help.

Firstly, immediately cleanse! It is very important to wash your face right after a workout. Sweating is your skin’s natural detox mechanism, but leaving it on your skin can lead to clogged pores and blemishes. It becomes even more important to take proper care of your skin after workout as we get older. Cleansing immediately after working out is a must to have glowing, refreshed, hydrated and clean skin in the long run.” Says Kate, Founder of Rumi Cosmetiques.

Preparation is also key: you should wash your face before your workout too.

Cleanse and remove makeup before the workout too. You don’t want your makeup and SPF to act as a barrier between your skin being able to sweat. Not doing this can lead to congestion and breakouts.  Don’t forget the SPF if you are working out in the day,” says Dr Brendan Khong at Dr David Jack.

Avoid using hot water

Using hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils, which can make it dry and sensitive… so keep the water lukewarm when washing your face and body.

Look for a gentle cleanser and one that is suited to your skin type.

Mio Post Gym Skin Routine Duo

CeraVe Smoothing Cleanser

Stay hydrated

Use soothing, hydrating products on the skin to replenish lost moisture and maintain the skin barrier.

Try not to use too rich a moisturising product on your skin before you workout as it could prevent the evaporation of water on the skin and could lead to clogged pores when you’re sweating, but if your skin needs a bit of extra love, you could use a hydrating mask after your workout post cleansing to give your skin a boost.

Make sure to drink plenty of water too! Both before and after your workout to replace the water lost during the workout.

Change your clothes

Your workout clothes will trap the dirt and bacteria on your skin… get them off and change into something clean and breathable.

Use a specific towel

Don’t just use any old towel in the gym… there are many options out there that are anti-bacterial and are kind to the skin.

Take a shower

If you’ve been sweating a lot, a shower is a must-have, although we don’t think we need to tell you that! Showering will remove that sweat and bacteria from the skin and you’ll feel oh so fresh. Use a gentle body wash and keep the water warm, not too hot.

Pat yourself dry with a towel, don’t rub.

You could use a post-workout mist

A post workout mist is refreshing and is a great way to cool and soothe the skin… it feels amazing too! it can also help to reset and rebalance the skins ph levels.

Pretty Athletic Workout Glow Mist

pretty athletic

Quick Dry Microfibre Towel


Relax those muscles after a workout

Like you do a cooldown workout to relax your muscles and avoid them getting sore, you can also look for skincare products that will help soothe tired muscles and support recovery. Look for products with ingredients like arnica, magnesium and menthol to soothe and revitalise.

Kear Soothing Body Balm

Westlab Magnesium Bath Flakes

ELEMIS Spa@Home Aching Muscle Super Soak


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