I’ve been loving the Clockface Hand Oil to look after my dry, dehydrated hands… let’s talk about why this product is so great.

Honestly, sometimes I despair of my hands especially now that the weather has changed: the combination of cold and damp weather, central heating and hard water has left my hands looking like dried out, dehydrated, cuticle heavy appendages, I am serious.

This situation is probably not helped by the fact that in hayfever season my hands react as well (yes I know on the I could have reactive hayfever hands) basically it means that my hands blister and peel…really pretty.

Of course I always have a hand cream in my handbag, usually very good hand creams…but my hands are stubborn.

So I was very excited when I got sent this fab clockface hand and cuticle oil. Yes indeed a hand oil, which for me is pure bliss because you probably know, but I’ll tell you again I am an oil addict – you name it …face oils, cleansing oils, body oils… I love oils!

What’s to love

  • Easy to use
  • Easily absorbed by the skin and leaves no sticky residue
  • Lovely light rose scent
  • Only feel like it needed to be reapplied after washing them, so the hydrating effects last really well
  • They also have a roller ball sized version of this which would be perfect for throwing in a handbag for on the go!

“Characterised by the delicate uplifting aromas of frankincense and otto of rose.”


This 99% organic oil is a blend of lush skin nourishing oils namely:

Calendula, sweet almond, apricot, moringa, argan and jasmine, frankincense, Rose Otto and vitamin E

The Brand

It’s a 100% natural and waterless brand, stating that water is a filler ingredient in skincare.

The story behind the brand was that it was founded by femtrepreneur Sarah Thomas when was pregnant with her eldest son – her skin changed dramatically as did her confidence and her mother Karen Horsley created for her what has gone on to be their Signature Collection Facial Serum, using only natural ingredients to soothe Sarah’s sensitive blemished skin. Together, they developed a range of all-natural skincare to promote skin confidence and help treat a range of skin concerns.