I was disappointed to hear that Rodin one of the most original and unique face oil brands is to cease being sold from the 19th of April. And I’m sure I’m not alone.

To me Rodin is an original- the brand founded by Linda Rodin in 2006 delivered simple but luxurious face and body oils blends …each oil is unique and you can’t help but be seduced by the purity of the fragrances! I certainly am for example, the lavender absolute face oil is a sensory sensation…it’s like sitting in a field of lavender and with the body oils – well they act as moisturiser and perfume all in one…and let’s not forget the therapeutic benefits.

Then there’s the packaging…simple, sleek and timeless. I loved the fact that the brand was born when she noticed a hole in the market for simple, easy-to-use skincare.

I always saw this brand as niche and as such I was surprised when it was acquired by Lauder a few years ago. Yes, the brand offering expanded but maybe that detracted from its niche status.

Now of course essential oils in skincare are not for everyone: some are sensitive to them or find them overpowering but for those who can use them this was a luxurious choice.

In 2021 the skincare market is flooded with face oils …some complex blends and some simple ones and as a face oil addict I have a few in my face oil collection.

So we thought as a final hurrah to the brand, that we’d reshare our brand focus featuring some of our favourite products from the brand. So if you want to pick up something from the brand before they’re gone, here’s your chance!

I’ll miss you Rodin

D xx

Whenever I think of luxury oils for face and body one brand that always comes to mind is Linda Rodin’s Olio Lusso range of luxurious oils. These oils are a part of Linda Rodin’s personal story and her search for pure, effective, simple but luxurious skin care. In fact the idea that there is beauty in simplicity was a guiding mantra. This founder wanted to use positive ageing products that would naturally nurture and care for the skin. The first blend Jasmine & Neroli face oil was born in 2007 and is now iconic.

Rodin oils are designed to work holistically by instilling a sense of wellbeing making using them a mindful experience. They are also designed to be used by most skin tones leaving the skin supple, moisturised and glowing thanks to the ingredients that work synergistically to soften and condition the skin leaving it feeling nourished and loved.

All of the Rodin lush products have the ability to literally boost your spirits with the power and beauty of their pure fragrance. Inhaling the scent of Linda oils makes me imagine what it would be like to literally live in a flower garden.

Each of the oils have an impressively rich quality about them and yet are lightweight and easy to use so your skin simply absorbs them, leaving you with a gorgeous glow: 2 or 3 drops are all you need, so if you do use them day & night fortunately a little oil goes a long way.

The new addition 

Her latest launch of Geranium & Orange Blossom face oil continues this theme by combining geranium oil from South Africa and orange flower absolute from Morocco making this oil is quite uplifting and zesty.

Geranium oil is known for its ability to restore balance to the skin, apparently it was used by the ancient Egyptians for promoting beautiful radiant skin. This oil is particularly good at treating acne and reducing inflammation so it is considered to be one of the best oils to use the sensitive skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis but as with all oils to a skin test first and see how you get on with it. Another claim to fame for geranium oil is its ability to minimise the look of fine lines and wrinkles so it’s a great oil to have in your positive ageing toolkit.

It is also claimed that geranium oil can help to alleviate anxiety, balance your emotions and hormones by enhancing your mood.

Lavender Absolute Face Oil

This oil is pure luxury. It’s a blend of French lavender absolute and Bulgarian lavender …and as you can imagine it smells amazing! It also contains calendula, Chilean rose hip oil Arganoil, jojoba and eveningprimrose oil. I have to say that when I first opened the bottle I was surprised at just how much gorgeous lavender scent hit me …seriously this oil is so potent that you could just apply a couple of drops to your pulse points if you wanted to wear this as a perfume.

For your face, it’s great for hydration and you only need a few drops. For your spirit, it’s all about the calming and soothing power of lavender.

It’s great for anyone seeking hydrated skin, and a luminous complexion. You can use it on a damp face on its own or under your other Skincare.

The Luxury Body Oil – Jasmine & Neroli

This body oil is sexy. It is a perfumed oil, that moisturises your skin leaving it soft and supple, while at the same time leaving your skin beautifully scented with the aroma of Jasmine. When you buy this oil, you are getting a body oil + a fragrance, so if you love florals and in particular Jasmine, then you’ll love this oil, as Jasmine is the top note, so if you are a perfume wearer, you’ll want to wear a fragrance that compliments it or just wear Olio Lusso on its own!

As you would expect, these oil formulations are paraben, phthalate, silicone and sulphate free …all you get is pure essential oils sourced from the best places in the world.

This is a luxury range and with its price point for many it will be an indulgence, but what an indulgence it is!

Buy the Geranium & Orange Blossom face oil for £105 from Net A Porter

Buy the lavender absolute face oil for £105 from Net A Porter

Buy the the body oil  for £80 from Net a Porter

* (PR gift/sample) 

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