FACT: We are all covered in bugs or bacteria, if that is easy if you to digest… Actually, there are millions of bacteria living on in our bodies and of course that includes our skin. Fortunately, these bugs work for us by fighting infections regulating pH levels and even boosting immunity, this is our microbiome.

Many of us take probiotic supplements to help to boost our gut health as it’s been shown that our gut (second brain as it’s affectionately called) and its health can impact not only our digestive systems but also problems like bloating, fatigue and skin issues amongst many others.

So, you could say that it seems like a natural progression that probiotics would make their way into our skin care regimes. Probiotics in skincare support your skin by protecting it against aggressors like stress, pollution, inflammation etc by strengthening your skin’s defence barrier.


“FACT: We are all covered in bugs or bacteria.”


Tula Purifying Face Cleanser 

The entire Tula range is designed around probiotics which makes it pretty unique. (Here is a link to our Tula brand focus)

This innovative range created by Dr Roshini Raj because of her passion for aligning both inner and outer health.

This cleanser is great for pretty much any skin type – its gel-like texture gives a deep clean without leaving the skin dry or tight.

The range is free from nasties.

It contains:

  • – Probiotics
  • – Lactic acid which helps with exfoliation
  • – Turmeric: an antioxidant good for reducing inflammation
  • – Blueberries: for antioxidant protection
  • – Chicory which is a prebiotic known for being anti-inflammatory



Zelens Z Balance Prebiotic & Probiotic Facial Mist

This innovative mist from Zelens harnesses the power of a blend of both prebiotics and probiotics to support skin health. Now, this mist is designed to rebalance the skin by strengthening the skin barriers and replenishing its moisture while at the same time protecting it against environmental stress.

The magic in this comes from:

  • – Prebiotics – derived from sugar molecules, beetroot and corn, the prebiotic’s help to rebalance the microflora of the skin as well as improving the skin’s radiance.
  • – Probiotics – a blend of five different probiotics is used in this mist again enhances the recovery of the skin’s barrier function and promotes the natural skin renewal process.


“Probiotics in skincare support your skin by protecting it against aggressors like stress, pollution, inflammation etc by strengthening your skin’s defence barrier.”


Gallinee Body Milk

This brand created by Marie Drago is designed to bring the benefits of the probiotics that we use to improve out gut health into our skin health.

This addictive body milk is jam packed with the brands patented ‘Triple Biotic Complex’ of Pre, Pro and Post biotics designed to support out the skin’s microbiome…well okay then!

The brand say that it will soften, repair and protect, as well as improving elasticity… actually it’s meant to improve skin hydration by 103% within an hour! While I can’t comment on that, I can say that it’s an effective body lotion that leaves my skin, which leans to the dry side, well moisturised and soft for several hours.



Aurelia Calming Botanical Essence

This is a lovely mist-essence and designed to calm and protect the skin.

The probiotics in this helps to balance and calm the skin. It also contains:

  • – The base of this essence is linden blossom, chamomile, camellia and lavender – which calms and soothes both the skin and mind.
  • – Pure Glacier water – to soothe, calm and hydrate
  • – Rose quartz combine with a medley of delicate essential oils to comfort and clear the mind.
  • – It smells gorgeous and feels great on the skin. It’s a great size to throw in the handbag and take on the go to help hydrate and soothe the skin during the day, and to be used as a calming presence on the mind.

Aurelia’s products are ethically sourced natural, organic and wild harvested plant and flower botanicals used throughout the Aurelia Probiotic Skincare range. They are also registered with the Vegan Society.


Tula’s Purifying Cleanser  is £20 from QVC

Zelens Mist is £48 from Feel Unique

Gallinee’s Body Milk is £28 from Gallinee

Aurelia’s Calming mist is £42 from Aurelia


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