The weather has been changing and with the start of a cold weather, I’m sure we’ll all be reaching for hydrating lip treatments to keep our lips in tip-top condition. I find that quite a lot of the lip scrubs have ingredients in there that I’d rather not use (ones that could end up drying out the lips instead of hydrating) – but Burts Bees have recently brought out a lip scrub and treatment that keep it natural with a transparent and clean ingredients list. These two new offerings from the brand are a welcome addition to their range and are very effective at a great price.

Conditioning Lip Scrub

This is quite a gentle lip scrub but contains great nourishing ingredients, which is an added bonus. Unlike many traditional lip scrubs that have a sugar base, this utilises honey crystals to gently exfoliate the lips, which I really like. It feels nourishing on the lips but still does the job – it also smells delicious. It’s gentle enough for regular use and feels great.

Key Ingredients

  •        Responsibly sourced Beeswax – this gently conditions and hydrates the lips
  •        Honey crystals – it gently sloughs away at the dead skin, honey has antimicrobial and healing properties to strengthen the lips.

Overnight Lip Treatment

Burts Bees are well known for their lip balms – I’ve certainly got one in my purse most of the time – so it’s great to see Burts Bees stepping it up to another level with this overnight lip treatment.

I will also say that this can just be used as a regular lip balm, not just one to apply as an overnight treatment. It smells nice and minty and is a little tingly on the lips, which comes from the peppermint oil. The treatment feels pampering, conditioning and lush.

Key ingredients

  •        Ceramides – which help support your skin’s barrier and retain moisture for soft, smooth and healthy looking lips.
  •        Jojoba seed oil – acts like a second skin, providing protection and emolliency whilst still letting the skin breathe.
  •        Hydrogenated castor oil – an emollient that’s needed on the surface on the skin to stop moisture loss and to keep the skin soft.

The Conditioning Lip Scrub is £6.99 from Feel Unique
The Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment is £6.99 from Feel Unique

(*PR gift/sample)