Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Repair your skin as you sleep with this retinol and blue tansy enriched Luna Sleeping Night Oil from Sunday Riley… here’s why it’s loved.

When you’re sleeping is when your skin does the most work at repairing and renewing the skin – so finding something that aids this and helps improve your skin is a must have in your daily skincare routine.

One great thing to include in your evening ritual is using a retinol. Retinols have been something we’ve been discussing a lot here recently – they’re such a staple in a nighttime routine to really boost your skin turnover. You can find out more about Retinol in our post here.

One product we’ve been trying out recently is one of Sunday Riley’s retinol products – their Luna Sleeping oil. This night oil contains all the benefits of retinol, but also contains a soothing cocktail of ingredients to calm the skin and keep it balanced, including Blue Tansy. Here’s our full review of this oil.

What’s great about it

  • It has a nice texture, feels lovely on the skin. Doesn’t feel too heavy or like it’s going to clog the skin.
  • Great to add as part of an evening routine, although not something I feel like I would need to use every night.
  • Even though it’s retinol, I didn’t experience any peeling or flaking of the skin.
  • Skin felt lovely, glowy and plumped in the morning.

What’s not so great

It has got quite a high price point for a relatively mild retinol treatment, not that a lower percentage of retinol is necessarily a bad thing. Some people do find that using a milder retinol consistently gives great effects, perhaps even greater than using something with a higher percentage. But this varies depending on each person’s experience.

What’s in it

One of the key ingredients in the Luna Sleeping Night Oil from Sunday Riley is that it contains a next-generation retinol oil called trans-retinoic acid ester complex.

  • Retinol helps target the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, promotes skin elasticity and stimulates exfoliation for clearer, smoother skin. You can find out more about retinol here.

This product also contains Blue Tansy, something we recently featured in our Ingredients Index. It’s what gives the oil the beautiful, blue colour. In Luna, Blue Tansy:

  • Helps to calm the skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties, particularly because of the level of Azulene in the oil. It’s often used in treating acne and other skin irritations and reactions. It helps not only to calm any redness and acne on the skin, but to counter any irritation caused by the retinol.
  • Blue Tansy also contains the components sabinene and camphor that contribute to its antifungal activity, helping to soothe itchy skin.

Who’s it for

All skin types but not for pregnant women.

Some people with more sensitive skins might find this a little too strong for them – make sure to do a patch test of course. As this is a retinol treatment and aimed mainly for positive ageing purposes – for those of you who are a little younger, you might see more effects from something that’s aimed more of luminosity.

As stated in the name, this is recommended for night use and please follow with your SPF in the morning as it will make the skin more sensitive to light.

Buy the Sunday Riley Sleeping Oil Night Oil for £45 from Space NK

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