There are a couple of sayings that I’ve used on social media (well actually I use a lot of saying and quotes on social media) there’s one that says “surround yourself with people who get it” and there’s another one that says “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”…if you’re wondering why I’m starting this post like this let me explain.

For the last 5 or 6 weeks we’ve been busy preparing for our skincare event “It’s All About Skin” and On Wednesday all of our hard work came to fruition! We had an amazing evening with our expert panel and our fabulous guests.
The saying about surrounding yourself with people who get it is so apt because it’s hard to achieve a vision without the support of those who understand you, can relate to your vision and trust your vision. Equally, sometimes it’s hard to be fearless when pursuing  your dreams: you can go from excited anticipation to experiencing relentless WTF moments all in one day, which is why the support is so vital and I have to say so appreciated. Our panelists totally ‘got it’ as did everyone involved in the preparation and ultimately our guests.
This event was my mission to create an event where we could get real about skincare  with qualified experts. With so many fake experts telling us stuff on social media, many women get confused about how best to treat their skin often with painful results…we wanted to burst through the myths and bring you the facts. And based on the lovely feedback that is what we did.
There were so many questions about a variety of issues. The biggest topics included the different types of SPF, hyperpigmentation and dealing with hormonal skin.
And we’ll share some of the highlights with you over the next week or so but here are 3 tips that all of the panel agreed on: Go to sleep at 10PM, keep hydrated and less can often be more and kinder on your skin in your skincare routine!

Want to hear about the event from the guests themselves? We’ve collated a short video with some of our lovely guests who spoke about the event on the night!

An ‘It’s All About Skin’ Goody Bag Giveaway

Missed the event but lusting after our marvelous goody bag? You’re in luck! We have one last goody bag and we want to share it with you! A huge thank you to all the brands who contributed… it’s definitely something special! 

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