Beauties… If your skin is in need of hydration then this Hydro dynamic Quenching Essence from Murad’s Age Reform range might just be the solution.

The Buzz
This is a mega hydrating essence to be used before your regular moisturiser. This is a high-performance moisture booster that provides immediate hydration whilst improving the skin’s ability to retain moisture… It is designed to help your skin to retain its moisture levels more effectively as well as protect against the skin ageing that can occur due to poor hydration.

What’s to love?
Not only is it packed with antioxidants to protect and support your skin, it feels amazing on your skin… silky and smooth and leaves it feeling hydrated. Loving the packaging too as it’s contained in an airtight canister so that there is no chance of oxidation.

Is it for everyone?
Well let me put it this way; I like this but I don’t need it. This Essence feels great on all skin because of its smoothing, silkening and moisturising ability but it’s those of you with skin that is prone to dehydration who will notice more of a long term change in your skin quality because once hydrated your skin will be plumped up and smooth.

The Brand say …
“Mexican Blue Agave Leaf extract works deep within the skin’s surface, restoring the ability to attract and retain water, resulting in more supple, plumper skin. The Glycolic Acid gently and evenly exfoliates to open hydration pathways in the skin and promote skin’s natural renewal. A botanical blend of Watermelon, Apple, and Lentil provides the building blocks of skin’s own Natural Moisturising Factor to help reduce dryness, flakiness, and rough patches”


We say…

This award winning essence is an effective hydrator for those with skin that needs help to attract and retain moisture in particular. For the rest of us it’s a really lovely moisture serum.

Buy it for £59.50 from Murad here