Wow! It’s May…a bit of a wake up call as I realise that It’s time to start preparing my skin for more exposure than it’s had over the last 6 months! The sun has started to be more of a consistent presence, the daily temperature is showing intermittent signs of a spring heading into summer vibe and I’m realising that my layers will have to get lighter. The skin on my body needs to be woken up and invigorated; now don’t get me wrong, I do make an effort throughout the cold winter months to look after my skin, despite the fact that I’m in layers of warm clothing and my legs are protected by opaque tights and boots. Of course I moisturise and I exfoliate, but now it’s time to step up my game and be more disciplined about the exfoliation part, because all those months of cold air and central heating do take their toll.

As part of my body beautiful regime I’m using this awesome body scrub which is part of the Beauty Works West Body range. I’m going to honest here and say that while I’ve used lots of different body scrubs  over the years, this has become one of my all time favourites. There are  scrubs and then there are SCRUBS and this is definitely the latter.

Here’s why: 

There are lots of lovely body scrubs on the market, that smell lovely and that scrub the skin. Many of them are either a sugar or salt base mixed with a carrier oil, scented with an essential oil and they have a paste like consistency and they work.

This scrub is different; the first thing you’ll notice is the simply gorgeous fragrance! It smells of grapefruit and other citrusy notes, really clean and invigorating, no matter how many times I use it I’m always uplifted by the fragrance!

The seond thing you’ll notice is that this scrub has a different texture and consistency to most other body scrubs; it’s more loose and gel like and very oily. (This means that you need to be careful when scooping it out to apply to your skin as it can slide through your fingers and the oils will make your bath/shower slippery)

This scrub is almost like a dry skin treatment, the effect on the skin is wonderful, as apart from buffing away dry skin leaving it feeling silky and hydrated, it nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.

Here’s how:

This scrub is made from sugar cane which is a gentle exfoliator and has been blended with a variety of essential oils. It is packed with nourishing and revitalising ingredients like:

Apricot oil – which is rich GLA’s, vitamin A &E, so it’s good for firming, toning and moisture balance.

Jojoba oil – which is a source of vitamin E and is antioxidant.

Grapeseed oil – extracted from grapes, antioxidant and a source of linoleic acid which is great for skin health & elasticity.

There’s  also coconut oil and sweet almond oil in this mix, all of these oils are intensely hydrating, nourishing and revitalising: it also contains Ginkgo Biloba, Pomegranate extract and Argan, all great for protecting your skin from the effects of ageing. Combined all of these ingredients are powerful and make this scrub a great skin treatment, helping to keep your skin in prime condition, and ready for any other body oils, cream or serum that you may be using.

It’s free from artificial fragrances, colours, parabens and sulphates.

This scrub is great for dry, dehydrated skin, but it’s also good for normal skin because of the powerful ingredients, if your skin isn’t prone to dryness you can always skip moisturising after using this, although in my opinion skin can never be too moisturised or nourished.

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