Tired eyes revived with Katherine Daniels!

Tired eyes revived with Katherine Daniels!

The trials of life can lead to less than ideal under eyes… so something that can perk up and give an instant boost like these ‘instant eye masks’ from Katherine Daniels caught my attention.

These eye masks promise to deliver instant results to the delicate eye area… let’s talk about them.

The application

What sets these eye masks apart is their unique approach to packaging. When you’re ready to use the eye mask, you activate them by squeezing the serum onto the cloth eye masks before application, meaning you get a fresh treatment each time… love!

Their individual packaging makes them a convenient travel companion, while the sleek and sophisticated design adds a touch of elegance.

The gel texture is light and soothing on the skin to alleviate puffiness. It feels great on the skin, calming and gentle.

The results

Once you apply the eye mask, it doesn’t slip or slide, and you can take those 20 minutes to kick back and relax as the mask works its magic.

The eye mask delivers immediate hydration: the skin is noticeably plumped, soft and glowing – fabulous! You can use these masks 1-2 weeks for improved results: softened, smooth and luminated skin.

eye mask
eye mask

Key ingredients

  • Sea Kelp: A hydrating seaweed, a powerful antioxidant. Packed with a mineral complex to stimulate your skin to act more youthfully.
  • Their mineral complex is Calcium and Sodium. Awakens moisture channels in your skin for the greatest hydrating result, which will increase cell energy and cell regeneration. Your delicate, lined skin becomes denser and firmer.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: This is the activation liquid. Which will hydrate the upper layers of your skin. When it’s released onto the eye mask it rehydrates them, allowing the release of high-performance ingredients into your skin.

These are certainly a luxurious treat – great for an at-home spa day or before a special event.

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