I have been waiting for this for a long time – every time that I used my beloved Vanderohe facial oil over the last year or so I been silently compelling Olivia to bring me something new to wax lyrical about. And she has. I could actually leave it at that but I don’t suppose that will satisfy you so I’ll tell you some more.

What’s to love

This is no ordinary body oil – it is more of a body elixir, a blend of body oil and body serum. This sinks into the skin with such ease-one minute it’s there and then voilà- it’s disappeared and you’re left with silky soft, scented skin. Seriously this formulation leaves my skin feeling moist, nourished and just lush after application. I’d imagined that this oil would smell the same as the face oil but it doesn’t this oil is her own person – definite and independent. The scent is subtle and yet memorable and consist of oils like Neroli, Lavender, Vetiver and Lime and lastly, of course, I love the fact that like its older sibling this works on a mind, body and spirit level.

As the brand says, apart from being a highly effective body oil,  it works as a subtle purefume too “as a perfume, unique to each individual, helping to promote a calm and peaceful positivity and keep feelings of anxiety and stress at bay.”

What’s in it?

As with the face oil this is made of high-grade, certified organic cold-pressed oils enhancement for active hundred percent purely organic steam distilled essential oils: (steam distillation is the most common way to extract aromatic compounds from a plant – the combination of heated steam and gentle pressure causes the essential oil to be released from microscopic protective stacks) apart from the essential oils this also contains natural Vitamin E. SOme of the key essential oils are: Camelina Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vetiver Oil, Lime Oil and Neroli Oil.

What’s not to love?

Nothing. Well nothing except maybe the price which isn’t average or ordinary at £108 but then neither is this body elixir!

Vanderohe’s Body Serum is £108 from Vanderohe

Coming soon to Net-a-Porter!

(*PR gift/sample)