I seem to get seriously over excited every time I discover a new skincare oil of any kind… face or body…cleansing or moisturising. Seriously you’d think by now that I’d be over that child-like thrill, but I’m not. I think that it’s the thrill of discovering something new… a new formulation, an unfamiliar brand and great promises…love it!

I have generally dry body skin, as in I need to use a really good moisturiser after bathing, and it usually has to be one for very dry skin… the kind that says ‘deeply nourishing’ or ‘intensely hydrating’ and I love using good quality body oils on damp skin.

This lovely offering from Votary London, their body treatment oil, is designed as an intensive SOS treatment used to target patches of dry or dull skin, the kind that can sometimes appear on the upper arms, backs of thighs, elbows, knees etc..These patches can sometimes be smoothed by using a good exfoliator but sometimes you need extra help.

What’s in it?

This body treatment oil is enriched with hydrating Macadamia Oil, radiant Rosehip and Vitamin E, 2% Salicylic Acid. It also contains camellia seed oil,  grapeseed oil, black cumin seed oil,  bergamot fruit oil, mandarin peel oil, petitgrainleaf oil, orange peel oil, sea buckthorn fruit Oil.

Apart from the nourishing and hydrating oils, the salicylic acid which is a type of beta hydroxy acid (BHA) known for its exfoliating qualities.

I love the scent of this oil and the Bergamot comes through its lovely citrusy scent.  This also has a silky smooth texture and it sinks easily into the skin, which is great as we don’t want oily patches on our clothes or bedding.

How to use

This comes in a 58ml glass bottle but fortunately you’re only meant to apply it to your problem areas, so a little of this luxe oil goes a long way.

Available from Votary for £55.00