Beauties …It’s all about oil. Seriously. Lush, nourishing oils that transform your face and your body! Let’s talk about a brand we’re loving recently, the House of Life!

About the brand 

This brand was founded by Debbrah Craven-Smith-Milnes I have to say that I love brands that are launched in answer to a founders personal skin care woes and in this instance, Debbrah was looking for a hyper-pure optimally Organic skincare range to manage her skin sensitivities and when she couldn’t find it she started doing research and created it her own. When you speak to Debbrah the pride and the passion for a range that is 100% pure and 99.5% organic with clinically proven results is clear and when you go on to try the range and the face oils, in particular, it’s clear why. They were highly commended at the Natural Health International Beauty Awards in 2017 – amazing!
In a nutshell, the brands products are made from the purest Plant actives sourced mainly in Georgia which has a reputation as a leading centre for natural medicine.

Organic Complete Skin No.7 Intense Radiance Boosting 

Lush… velvety… silky… plump… alive… these are the adjectives that come to my mind when I think of how best to describe this face oil because it’s all of these things and more. What’s more it leaves your skin feeling lush, velvety, plump and alive. Now, don’t get it twisted, there are some gorgeous face oils available and I have a handful of faves…and this is now one of them. This leaves my skin feeling super moist and plumped and looking … well radiant… it’s one of the few face oils that I use that allows me to get away without using a face cream and still leaves me with moist skin hours later.
Face oil no 7 is designed to boost skin radiance and is meant to be suitable for all skin types that would benefit from a glow boost. It’s comprised of 7 main powerful ingredients…yep that’s why it’s called No7 and these include Neroli, potato, lemon, parsley, cucumber and tocopherols which are powerful antioxidants.
What the brand says:

“This SUPER CONCENTRATED blend of 7 CLINICALLY PROVEN NATURAL AND ORGANIC ACTIVES is of the PUREST and FINEST quality. Ingredients such as PARSLEY, LEMON and POTATO provide beta carotene, whilst AHAs, flavonoids and biotin are proven to help boost RADIANCE, ease blemishes and to help skin REGENERATE.”

Complete Skin No 13 Intense Body Repair 

I guess it could be construed as sheer laziness if I used the same adjectives to describe to describe this lush body oil as I used to describe the face oil but…call me lazy! This oil is easily absorbed. It is lush, velvety and silky and leaves your skin feeling deeply moisturised, nourished and silky. Used consistently, your skin looks and feels like it’s been loved.
This is comprised of 13 clinically proven natural and organic actives that include: sea buckthorn, burdock, geranium, Omega 7, chamomile and much more.
What the brand says:
“Designed for ALL skin types, with proven results. This SUPER CONCENTRATED blend of 13 CLINICALLY PROVEN NATURAL AND ORGANIC ACTIVES is of the PUREST and FINEST quality. Ingredients such as BEGGARTICS, SEA BUCKTHORN and BURDOCK, provide over 190 types of nutrients, including corotenoids, OMG 7-rich organic acids, super antioxidants and flavonoids, known to help enhance DEEP SKIN REPAIR, Our potent GERANIUM-infused ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND helps to REVITALISE your mood and deliver deep SKIN CORRECTION 24/7.”

What’s to love…

Everything. Apart from loving these gorgeous oils, you’ll also love the 10% discount that you’ll get when you do a replenishment order. Oh and these are very keenly priced for the high quality of what you’re getting.

Need to know 

The brand is 100% preservative free + very high oil to water content + combination of wild herbs and superfoods. Apart from being 99.5% organic these products are free from every nasty.
I’d love to know what you think after you try these two oils so don’t forget to get in touch and let me know.
Denise xx
Organic complete skin no.7 Available Here for £45.00
Complete skin No 13 Intense body repair Here for £69.00
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