The word is out! Rihanna, whose makeup line Fenty Beauty exploded in the industry in 2017 and has been the word on everyones lips due to its diversity, bold colours and fabulous packaging.

It only seems fitting then, that she’s looking to expand into skincare – and we can’t wait!

According to a trademark listed under “Fenty Skin” on the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website and filed on March 25, 2019, Rihanna is working on a new line of skincare products to add to her cosmetics empire, registered under the iconic name of ‘House of Fenty’. It is thought that this particular trademark was set up for their body lava products.

However, their latest registered trademark under ‘Fenty Skin’ is filed under “medicated and non-medicated skincare, soap, body care and personal care products (excluding color cosmetics, perfume and other fragrance-only products), and related accessories such as kits, tools and applicators.” Skincare!

It’s going to be a good few months before we’ll hear more, but we’re excited to find out more.

Are you excited about the prospect of Fenty Skincare? What do you think she’ll bring out first?

Image is from the Fenty Beauty Instagram