A good skincare routine, for some it is obvious and for others less so. However, everyone benefits from cleansing his or her skin properly in the morning and at night. Curious as to why? Here are some cleansing tips from the experts at Korean Skincare.

General hygiene

We all like to feel clean before we leave the house and before we go back to bed. So for your own general hygiene, it’s nice to cleanse your skin properly every day. Think of it as a me-time moment while you take care of yourself.

Choose cleansing products that suit your skin and feel good to you. After cleansing your skin, it is also recommended to apply a nourishing day and night cream that suits your skin type.

Remove excess sebum

On the surface of your skin, there are sebaceous glands that produce sebum. In some, this is a lot, in others less. This is because your sebum production is regulated by the hormones in your body. Tallow is not bad, as it keeps your skin supple and can also protect against infections. Excess sebum, however, is too much, and for that it is best to cleanse your skin properly every day.

Remove dead skin cells

Did you know that our skin constantly renews itself?

It does so by shedding dead skin cells and producing new ones. Dead skin cells are the top layer of the epidermis that have completed their life cycle and are ready to be removed. You cannot detect them with the naked eye, but what you can notice is that your skin starts to look dull and matte. By properly cleansing your skin every day with a facial cleanser or facial scrub from Beauty of Joseon, dead skin cells will not remain on your skin but will be neatly removed.

Fight clogged pores

Sebum, dead skin cells, make-up, dust, pollution and the like can clog our pores. This is something you want to avoid, as clogged pores can result in blackheads, pimples and acne.

At Korean Skincare, you’ll find lots of great cleansing products to cleanse your skin every day. This will reduce the risk of clogged pores a lot and your skin will look radiant.

Remove make-up

If you wear make-up during the day, it is super important to remove it at night. Sleeping with make-up can clog your pores, make your skin look a lot duller and prevent it from breathing. So to avoid skin problems, it is crucial to remove make-up properly and cleanse your skin.