I’m pretty sure that we all  have a woman in our lives who is soooo busy working or caring that she never has the time to treat herself to something special, so this guide is for her.

Unwinding Oils

All of the oils in our guide aim to de-stress and relax you… Something that everyone needs every now and then!

For lovers of Aromatherapy – the Elemis massage oil would be a wonderful addition to any collection. This product includes Rosewood, Melissa, Marjoram, Geranium, Rosemary, Lavender and Chamomile. As described in the title – this beautiful oil will help relax and calm you.  We have raved about this on our Instagram page here.

We also find baths a wonderful way to help us unwind and this bath oil from Olverum is fantastic. Run only half a capful of this product in a bath and you’ll be transported into a world of relaxation… it’ll help one unwind, sooth aches and pains and will moisturise your skin at the same time. It  also should be enough for 50 baths so will last quite a while!

The Aromatherapy Associates Liberty Exclusive Clear Mind Bath and Shower Oil is also a wonderful option. It blends chamomile and lavender to help relax and de-stress, whilst frankincense and bergamot revives and focuses the mind.

But the relaxation doesn’t have to stop here. This luxury body oil from Rodin is a real treat for the body. Using the same essential oils that the face oil includes (we’ve discussed this here), this oil smells amazing and is perfect to provide hydration and relaxation. If you know a lavender lover, this would be particularly perfect for them!

Elemis De-Stress Massage Oil (£35)Olverum Bath Oil (£48) | Rodin Body Oil (£80) | Aromatherapy Associates Liberty Exclusive Clear Mind Bath and Shower Oil (£48)


Get your skin shimmering with Gold Shimmering Body Oil from Tom Ford 

What can we say about this? Even before opening it, this product looks beautiful in the container, it looks like liquid sparkle  in a bottle. This beautiful body oil will leave the skin glowing and is perfect for getting your glow on in the evening.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil (£70)

Skin-boosting luxurious masks

This Sisley mask is packed with anti-ageing ingredients and offers the skin ‘instant youth’, leaving the skin radiant! An absolutely heavenly product that will transform the skin – a real luxury. If you’ve read the review on the website you’ll know just how much Denise loves this mask  here it is.

This Mauli Radiance Mask is a beautiful sensory experience! Just mix a spoonful of this powder with with water to create a paste – and this can be used as a daily exfoliant or as a weekly mask. This would make the perfect gift, check out our review here.

Sisley Black Rose Mask (£95.50) | Mauli Radiance Mask and Exfoliant (£34)

A scented Candle Gift Set

Beautifully scented candles are one of my great indulgences….hardly ever a day goes by without me lighting at least one…they are such mood enhancers. This lovely trio by Aromatherapy Associates are simply gorgeous: there is a scent to suit every mood. There’s the Revive Candle to awake your senses, the  Indulgence candle is a mood lifter and the Relax candle encourages calmness and serenity. So if you need a little indulgent TLC or you want to treat someone this could be the ideal choice.

Aromatherapy Associates Joyful Aromatherapy  Candles (£50)

An Indulgence gift list wouldn’t be complete without some Perfume suggestions now would it?

Perfume is a very personal thing which makes buying perfume as a gift for someone rather risky…BUT..if you know the person pretty well, you might have some insight into the kind of scent they might like (and hopefully like a lot) Jasper Conran’s Nude launched earlier this year and is a floral on a base of wood, musk and amber which is always a winner. This fresh and elegant fragrance falls nicely into the classic category which means that it should have wide appeal and makes a great gift.

Maison Francis Kurkdijan’s A La Rose is a sexy rose fragrance perfect for the woman who likes a grown up rose fragrance see our detailed review for more.

I love the story behind the Pozzo Di Borgo  brand that launched earlier this year by Valentine Pozzo Di Borgo and is based on the story of her extraordinary family dating all the way  back to the 1700’s. Each perfume is inspired by a character from Valentine’s family tree and bears the name of their date of birth. This range is at the luxury end of the market and this particular perfume, in the words of Valentine, evokes a gourmand cocktail, a subtle marriage between the vivacity of pressed grapefruit, the freshness of mint leaf and the fullness of a splash of rum‘. 

Jasper Conran ‘Nude’ (£30) | Pozzo Di Borgo 24 Ocobre 1985 (£116) | Maison Francis Kurkdjian À La Rose (£150)


The Perfume Studio Experience (Starting £29)

Perfume is such a personal thing and can be tricky to buy for someone –why don’t you book them in to a perfume masterclass where they can put together their own scent? This fabulous class teaches you about the different notes and you’ll get to try 21 different blends that can be mixed together to make your own signature scent. You can also book your perfume event with an Afternoon Tea – a wonderful afternoon treat! Keep an eye out – we will be posting a more in depth review of the perfume masterclass soon as we attended a class and loved it.