Cleansing is a simple but powerful age old ritual that every living being indulges in. I use the word ritual because it is something that we perform daily and depending on who we are, we take specific steps to achieve cleansing.  I say powerful because depending on the kind of cleansing that one is indulging in, it can be the pre-cursor to many things. On a basic level it helps us to start or end our day, many of us cleanse our hands before sitting down to eat, some cultures cleanse before prayer… we cleanse our outer body, we cleanse our inner body via detox regimes, we cleanse our minds.

The one thing that unites all of the cleansers featured here (apart from the fact they are all fab of course) is that they make cleansing a very sensual experience. Somehow, even when I’m pushed for time in the morning, the texture and scent of these beauties transform my cleansing ritual into a mindful experience. There’s something very sensual about the feel of an oil, balm or liquid on my skin as I massage it in. I can feel the texture of my skin, I take note of the contours of my face… suddenly I can connect with areas of facial tension and I can ease them with some facial massage. So what I will say is that whatever you use to cleanse look for something that delights your senses and makes you feel good.

Dr Jackson No.7 Face Wash

When this unassuming cleanser arrived at the Wow Beauty office I wondered if this was a cleanser or a handwash… it looks so low key. I have to say that I love the packaging as it’s clean, simple and reminiscent of something I’d imagine getting from a traditional apothecary. There are no bells and whistles…no pearlised or creamy looking liquid… just a pure cleanser packed with skin nourishing goodies. I’ll let the good doctor tell you himself …

“Containing baobab, kigelia, mandarin, lemon, Roman chamomile and pomegranate, the 07 Face Wash leaves skin feeling immediately purified and refines, but is still gentle enough for sensitive types. Kigelia and citrus oils work in harmony to cleanse, tone and tighten the skin, while fatty acids from baobab oil hydrate and nourish. Pomegranate acts as a natural, light exfoliator, perfectly countered by chamomile’s softening and soothing properties.

And guess what? This cleanser is lovely and does just what it says. My combination skin is left feeling and looking super clean and yet at the same time silky, smooth and moist.
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Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser

This is an interesting looking cleanser, rather unusual actually in a good way. It’s a greyish sludgey mud colour and is designed for normal to oily skins. It contains some impressive ingredients which work synergistically to not only cleanse but also to detoxify the skin and minimise the pores. This unique cleanser works by using the following: First off French green clay and rhassoul lava clay from Morocco deep clean by getting rid of excess oil etc… Next there is vitamin C, an antioxidant which is great for help with uneven skin tone, skin ageing and helping your skin to glow. Lastly, it includes essential oils of Neroli, black pepper, sandalwood, jasmine, and frankincense all of which work to balance the skin. This smells lovely and feels great on the skin. To use: you have to give it a gentle shake to allow the clay and oils to mix, then pump some out and apply it to your skin. Take the time to massage it into your skin, I like using it with my muslin cloth… then rinse.
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Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm

This lush blue cleansing balm is designed for skin that needs some TLC … dry, dehydrated, mature and stressed skin. This cleansing balm cleanses and removes makeup It is super hydrating and cleanses while leaving the skin feeling nourished and soothed. This sugar based balm is mixed with organic moringa and cocoa butters and contains other  skin enhancing ingredients like: Essential oils of blue tansy and German chamomile are known for their ability to calm dry, irritated skin, also tangerine oil for tone. Mindful cleansing is encouraged with the use of sweet orange and vanilla, and the overall scent is a subtle cocoa orange. To use: simply massage into the skin and remove with a warm cloth. The other way to use this is as part 1 of a ‘double cleanse’ or as a deep hydrating mask.
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Eve Lom Cleanser

This powerful cleansing balm from Eve Lom is one of those legendary products that never fails to impress. I call it powerful because it really does make a difference to the skin. It deep cleans, exfoliates and tones the skin with an aromatic blend of essential oils including clove which has antiseptic qualities, eucalyptus to remove toxins, Egyptian chamomile to soothe and soften all mixed with cocoa butter which nourishes and conditions. This works with a muslin cloth which helps with the exfoliating. I love the way this cleanses my combination skin and a little goes a long way.
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Black Chicken Purifying Oil Cleanser  

If you love cleansing oils, then you’ll love this one by Australian brand Black Chicken Remedies. This cleanser is a blend of 13 plant oils designed to cleanse, purify and balance your skin. The fusion of oils that include lavender, patchouli, cedar wood and geranium makes this the perfect oil for making your cleansing routine a mindful moment….so take a moment to inhale the gorgeous fragrance, massage it in and connect with your skin.
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 3107 Heart & Soul Deep Cleansing Makeup Remover 

What a beautiful balm! It’s quite thick but just melts into the skin without feeling heavy or leaving any oily residue. It gives me a really deep clean but it is also intensely nourishing. It contains uplifting lemongrass and geranium, along with jojoba oil and shea butter to moisturise and other great ingredients. This product always works fantastically as a mask, with a thick and almost grainy (although not at all scratchy) consistency. It leaves my face nice and clean, but also moisturised… it’s almost a waste to use this as a first cleanse to simply remove my makeup, as it’s described as on the box. It’s so much more than just your average makeup cleanser, it’s so luxurious it feels like a spa treatment!
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De Mamiel  Botaniques Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate

This is more than a Cleanser, as you can tell from the name. This cleanser transforms from powder to paste and every time you use it, you are left with clean, smooth and glowing skin thanks to the vitamin C, ginseng and raw cacao powders blended with calming gemstone powders…..pure alchemy. This brand was created from a place of love and nurture and it shows. The ingredients are potent and using the products is a sensory journey. You can use it as a daily cleanse or as a mask for an extra boost.
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How often do you find yourself saying “I’m just going to take a quick shower” ? You know the drill …you are pushed for time so you just jump in, lather up, rinse off and jump out. But when you stop to consider that your morning cleansing ritual often sets you up for the day, so you deserve to use products that soothe your senses as well as your skin.

Rahua Body Shower Gel

I love bathing with a body wash that contains therapeutic ingredients such as palo santo, which is part of the citrus family and has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon. Palo santo comes from South America and is known for its cleansing  and healing properties a bit like Sage, so it’s no surprise that it’s known as ‘holy wood’. “The aroma of Palo Santo, lavender, eucalyptus oils and vanilla extract is warmly invigorating, relaxing and soothing – like an instant meditation! The  skin feels soft and moisturised. The product will last for a long time.” These ingredients help to make bathing a mindful experience. As well as the nourishing oils, the Rahua Shower Gel also contains antioxidants and healing botanical extracts. Plus, it gently cleanses your skin without stripping it. The brand say: “Infused with signature Rahua Ungurahua oil, Quinoa and Sacha Inchi (omegas- 3 and -9), skin is nourished with moisture needed for the day ahead.”
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Urban Veda Body Wash
These lush body washes by Ayurvedic brand urban Veda are a great addition to the body cleansing regime. The reviving wash contains skin conditioning extracts and bio-oils to  cleanse the skin without stripping it of natural oils, it contains hydrating rose damask, moisturising evening primrose, soothing geranium and repairing rosehip to help pamper all skins but is especially effective on tired and mature skin. The purifying cleanser is great for skins that are prone to blemishes as it has  antibacterial neem oil and astringent quassia bark, and for spirits that need a boost thanks to the invigorating and refreshing scent of wild mint and eucalyptus. Both of these are designed to maintain your skins ph level and leave your skin clean, scented and moisturised.
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Green and Spring
This is a brand founded on the principles of using the best natural ingredients from the English countryside. This range uses natural fragrances and is packed with plant extracts and essential oils from herbs and flowers, so there are no nasties here. The relaxing bath and shower gel smells of lavender and includes chamomile and comfrey in its ingredients to soothe and protect. The revitalising and exfoliating wash contains fine pieces of walnut shell and mint to exfoliate and smooth your skin and the fragrance of peppermint to stimulate your senses.
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Patyka Bois Precieux

This precious woods body wash is a lovely peach coloured nectar that with its extracts of Vetiver, Amyris Wood and Cedar, smells soft, earthy and sensual. It contains raspberry water, which being rich in Vitamin E, helps to protect the skin from ageing thanks to its regenerating and repairing abilities. This foams up really well and leaves your skin clean, soft and nourished.
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Well beauties, we are almost at the end of our cleansing section, and so far we’ve covered outer beauty but it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t reflect on cleansing from the inside. Let’s not forget that the quality of our skin… its tone, its radiance and clarity are affected by how well we hydrate our bodies and flush out the toxins. One thing that many nutritional therapists agree on is the power of drinking water either hot or cold with a ½ a lemon squeezed into it. Hot lemon water first thing in the morning helps to flush out those pesky toxins. Ultimately, whether you drink it first thing or during the day there are a multitude of benefits such as:

  1. Yes, lemons are high in Vitamin C which is great at helping to produce collagen, which we all want as much of as we can get, as it holds our skin together.
  2. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that can help protect the body from damaging free radicals.
  3. Apparently the citric acid found in lemons is good at helping to keep our kidneys healthy as it can help to prevent kidney stones.
  4. Lemon water is apparently good for helping with digestion.
  5. Hydration levels are increased because it’s easier for some of us to drink flavoured water than plain water…works well for me as it means I won’t get dehydrated.
Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine both place a lot of emphasis on the importance of water in Chinese medicine an elemental approach to wellbeing is taken and as one of the 5 elements, water in TCM corresponds closely with the kidneys. The custom of drinking water first thing in the morning is regarded very highly in Ayurvedic medicine. According to Ayurveda, there is a right way to drink water. It should be sipped throughout the day.

If lemon water is not your thing then you might prefer one of the many cleansing teas and infusions that are available. These teas are synergistic blends of different herbs known for their ability to not only cleanse but to support the digestive system. Because they are herb based, you can make your own infusions but just in case you don’t have the time or the inclination brands like Bodyisms ‘Clean and Lean’ make teas like this one. How fortuitous that this one is called ‘I Am Cleansed’ which is based on Ayurvedic medicine and contains Moringa leaf, fennel seed, Nettle leaf, ginger root and coriander seed.

Tea is “I am cleansed” Ayurvedic tea from Bodyism

Cleansing is such an important ritual, it’s your time to take a moment and refocus on you. These are just some of the tools you can take with you on your journey and indulge in some self-care. So we’ve cleansed our faces, our bodies and our minds… we will now be moving on to ‘nourishment’.

Our upcoming piece, part 1 of ‘Nourish’, will be live on Friday the 19th May so make sure to check back here then!