Welcome to part 2 of our annual round-up of products that we loved in 2023!

Some of them were new to us and have earned a place on our repeat purchase list and as always there are some that we’ve found ourselves returning to because they’re just fab and are part of our beauty and wellbeing collections.

There is so much to choose from and there are a lot of products that we’ve tried out and liked but we can’t include everything so here’s a snapshot of our favourite body and wellbeing products from 2023. Enjoy!

Jessica’s Picks..


NEOM bath milk
Neom Real Luxury Magnesium Bath Milk

I love this magnesium powered bath milk from Neom! Its perfect to use after a long day to help relax the mind and body. You don’t need a lot, but I love the aromatherapeutic benefits of this milk… it smells amazing.

Lush Bubble Bar

As a bath lover, I have regular baths and I found myself regularly reaching for the fabulous bath bubble bars from Lush! They have a fab range of scents for whatever you need, have lovely scents and have great ingredients.

Love that you can use them across multiple baths, their bath bombs are one time use so the bubble bars feel much more cost effective.

Mylee The Full Works Complete Gel Polish Kit – Siren

2023 is the year I really wanted to get into nails, but nothing that was too complicated… and I think I found the solution that works for me! This year, I became a lover of Mylee nails.

It’s as easy as painting your nails normally, but instead of just waiting for the nails to dry naturally, you cure them under the UV light for 60 seconds. So easy and the effect is fantastic! They last well and the nails feel harder and stronger.

They’re affordable, easy to use and have a gorgeous array of colours… what more can you ask for?


Kudd.ly Theraputic Weighted Blanket

Have you tried a weighted blanket before? They’re a cozy additions to our bedrooms and our wellbeing rituals. They work by using deep pressure stimulation to induce a feeling of calm… and this year I picked up a weighted blanket from Kudd.ly and I love it!

This weighted blanket from Kudd.ly is great quality, the colours are lovely and does exactly what it says it should do. I love using it in the evenings cuddled up on the sofa and sometimes at night to help create that cozy secure feeling.


By far, reading is one of the most important things I do for my mental health. Nothing else helps me decompress than escaping into a book. It gives me a form of escapism, I can change my mood and just allows me to disconnect from reality for a time as I enjoy a good book.

This library powered app is attached to your library card and allows you to borrow a selection of ebooks at no cost. As someone who reads a lot (I read 100 books this year) its invaluable.

I love that you can also get audiobooks through the app too. Most of my books this year I borrowed through BorrowBox, as well as another library eBook app called Libby.

Denise’s Picks…

Dr Hauschka Rose Deodorant

This is a skin loving natural deodorant that’s aluminium free and leaves you feeling fresh and floral, all day!

Susanne Kaufmann Mallow Blossom Bath Oil 

This bath is very soothing and calming without being overly perfumed. It’s a blend of essential oils including rosemary, sage and cedarwood as well as calming lavender extract and hydrating mallow extract, known for its moisturising properties, to protect against skin dryness and soothe irritation and redness. Love it.

shower cream
Dr Hauschka Shower Cream

This rich creamy shower cream is perfect for a nourishing body cleanse,  essential oils of gorgeous lemon and lemongrass combined with skin nourishing plant based cleansers and protective quince seed provide a fragrant & uplifting experience. This is guaranteed to make you feel gooooood!

aromatherapy associates
Aromatherapy Associates Revive Shower Oil

This mood boosting shower oil is the perfect morning wake up call. Step into the shower and inhale the uplifting grapefruit oils, together with energising notes of juniper berry and warming neroli, to invigorate the body and mind.

body polish

Jane Scrivner Perfecting Body Polish

This lush body polish looks like a yummy dessert. It leaves your skin, soft and silky and nourished. this uses phytosterol-rich butters and oils, pumice powder and salts to make a smoothing and nourishing body scrub.

espa salt
ESPA Detoxifying Body Scrub

This scrub is a spa experience in a jar. This invigorating salt scrub is beautifully fragranced with a blend of  Grapefruit, Cypress and Eucalyptus oils mixed with sweet almond oil. Leaves skin deeply cleansed, refined, silky & hydrated.

Evopure CBD Muscle Balm

This organic CBD balm combines natural botanical ingredients, including a blend of anti-inflammatory essential oils and organically grown hemp. This really helps with my sore neck & shoulder muscles – it has a lovely cooling effect and is easily absorbed.


aura spray
Therapie Restore Aura Spray

Michelle’s Aura Mist is something we all use here at Wow Beauty to keep us grounded and focused. Just a couple of sprays of this gorgeous mist helped to calm and soothe us due to the blend of frankincense and lavender amongst other things.

sleep tonic

Artah Sleep Tonic

This botanical rich tincture helps you switch off and sleep… something very needed! Calming, without drowsiness. Each of the ingredients in this  blend of valerian, skullcap and passionflower is designed to help with sleep issues. Whilst it doesn’t put me to sleep it does help me to exhale and relax leaving me soothed.

Wild Planet Deep Slumber Unwinding Pillow Mist

This seriously addictive mist can be used as a room frequency as well as a pillow mist because it creates such a lovely sense of calm. It’s a beautiful blend of lavender, mandarin & vetiver and as an added bonus there is a crystal at the bottom of the bottle.

Sacred Elephant Incense

I came across this brand a few years ago and have been addicted to their beautiful scents ever since. Each one is a unique and addictive purefume & there’s something for every mood. they are clean burning & if you love incense you’ll love these.

water therapy
The Nue Co Water Therapy

Water Therapy – this wellbeing fragrance from the Nue co is addictive! As a perfume or a room mist it’s soothing and calming – a real feel good effect based on the healing power of water.

I’m a lover of candles and I couldn’t just pick one or two for this list – so check out my selection of Winter Candles if you’d like to know which candles I loved in 2023.

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