I’d heard about this face mask, but as with many things that you hear about I’d never tried it. As luck would have it I finally had an opportunity to sit down with  super facialist Antonia Burrell to find out about her amazing product range. Now, let me be honest, sitting opposite a leading facialist like Antonia in a well lit room is not for the faint hearted! The longer I sat looking at her AMAAAZING SKIN …I repeat AMAAAZING, the more I found myself trying to camouflage my (what I thought was good) skin by waving my hands and moving my head around, in a futile attempt to avoid her calm ‘skin guru’ gaze.

Anyway, lets get on to the mask.  I love this mask. period. full stop. Everything that Antonia said about this mask is true.

The official claims are: “A sublime and powerful treatment in a pot with 7 noticeable actions, to hydrate, smooth, detoxify, repair, clarify, illuminate, protect and perfect your skin. The epitome of multi-tasking skincare based on science of plant formulae and botany”.

Here’s why it’s now at my bedside:

It infuses my skin with moisture.

Skin is left radiant and plumped.

As well as looking better, my skin feels better.

This mask can be left on and used as an  overnight skin treatment. (I’ve done it in the day as well)

Of course there is a cost involved: 57.00 however the saying..”You get what you pay for” is very true here as you’re getting a mini facial in a jar.

Available from www.antoniaburrell.com