Wow Beauty Loves August 2022

Wow Beauty Loves August 2022

Anyone else feel like August went by in a blink of an eye? August is usually associated with things slowing down, perhaps you’ve gone on holiday or taken some time to rest… whatever you’ve done this month, we hope you took some time for you!

Here are some of the products we’ve been reaching for this month… what have you been loving?

Denise’s Picks…

StriVectin Daily Reveal Exfoliating Pads

Traditional exfoliating pads have had a glow up with the fabulous Daily Reveal Exfoliating Pads from StriVectin!

This sophisticated blend takes your exfoliation to another level with a beautiful blend of your traditional AHA’s, along with polyhydroxy acids and so much more… these little pads are packing such a massive punch! These once-a-day resurfacing pads combines four times of acid, plus physical exfoliation with a micro-peel fibre pad for the ultimate exfoliation without damaging the skin.

Buy the pads from StriVectin

wild plum

Wildcrafted Organics Wild Plum Serum

If you like using vitamin c as part of your skincare regime, you’ll love this! It’s a luxurious creamy easily absorbed serum in which active Vitamin C, Australian superfruits, Knotgrass extract and Hyaluronic Acid are combined to leave your skin brighter, supple, and protected.

body oil

Arithmos De-Stress Body Oil

Every so often you come across a product that makes you sit up and take notice and this range of luxurious body oils from Australian brand Arithmos is one of those! These are small batch produced 98% organic aromatherapy-based oils, that come in three blends designed to affect your mood. De-stress is a Sandalwood based treat for mind body and spirit!

Jessica’s Picks…


L’Oréal Lash Paradise Mascara

I’ve been adopting the ‘less is more’ approach to make-up a lot these days. Most days, I find myself just using a little concealer, a little mascara and I’m good to go! I’ve been loving the Lash Paradise mascara from L’Oréal to give life to my straight little lashes.  I find that it gives me lash a nice lift and makes them appear longer too.  Love that it also includes castor oil, so works as a bit of a treatment at the same time…. Fabulous!

Buy the mascara from Superdrug

lush bubble bar

Lush Botanomancy CBD Bubble Bar

Over the recent years I’ve become a bath addict and one thing I’m looking forward to as the weather cools is long evening soaks in a hot bath.

I’ve been loving some of the lush bath products and more specifically, I’ve really been enjoying their CBD Bubble Bar. It gives you nice, thick bubbles, transforms the water into a light emerald green colour and makes you feel so relaxed. The scent is lovely, it really helps to transcend the bathing experience. I love the addition of CBD in this product. The raw material is made of 10% CBD mixed with 90% Hemp Oil.

You only need a quarter each time so this bar lasts well… relax and enjoy.

Buy the Lush bubble bar from Lush

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