Wow Beauty Loves February 2022

Wow Beauty Loves February 2022

February has come to an end… it’s time for us to look back at what we’ve been reaching for across the month… here are our Wow Beauty Loves!

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Denise’s Picks…


Nadira V Persaud Brushes

I’m absolutely loving these gorgeous newly launched make up brushes from the fabulous Nadira Persaud! The range consist of four perfectly formed brushes perfect for all your make up needs. These vegan friendly brushes feel luxurious on the skin and they deliver a perfect finish.

Buy the Brushes from Nadira’s Website

nue co duo

The Nue Co PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTIC and DEBLOAT+ and  Dietary Supplement

My sister Amanda, who you can find at isi_possible and her brand Mini Mode, often tries products with us and here’s her view on these two supplements from The Nue Co.

What I love about the Prebiotic + Probiotic is the effect it’s had on my system. I was suffering from bloating and trapped wind even though I had been taking Symprove for a number of years. After my last colonic in August 2021, I decided, enough is enough and I searched out The Nue Company. It has 15 billion -spore dose probiotic + prebiotic inulin derived from 100% organic chicory root. It’s vegan and coupled with the Debloat + capsule, which is blend of 17 digestive enzymes I genuinely feel much more settled and way less bloated.

Buy the Prebiotic + Probiotic and Debloat supplement from The Nue Co

Buy the debloat supplement from The Nue Co


Sensori+ Hydra & Detox Hand Sanitizer 

After a couple of years of using hand sanitiser with religious fervour thanks to Covid I can’t get out of the habit and actually I don’t want to get out of the habit of sanitising my hands on a regular basis…so rather than end up with dry hands thanks to the more basic products available I’ve been using equally effective bur skin kind alternatives like this product from Australian brand sensori+  This is 75% alcohol derived from sugarcane + it includes aloe and glycerin for hydration. This one is called Gayndah Orchard and it has a gorgeous fragrance thanks to a blend of bergamot oil, neroli and cedarwood notes.

Jessica’s Picks…


Esho Drench Lip Treatment

Winter is tough on the skin and lips and Esho’s lip treatment has been helping keep my lips feeling comfortable and hydrated. This isn’t just an oil or wax based lip treatment that coat the surface of the lips – this hydrating formula hydrates and helps maintain comfortable water levels in the lips.

It works well under lipstick and other lip products too.

Buy the lip treatment from Feel Unique

Couch to 5K App

Let’s be honest: this isn’t something I discovered this month, but I want to take a moment to talk to you about this. This App has helped me create a regular exercise routine – I never thought of myself as a runner but this App builds you up slowly and eventually (yes, it’s taken me longer than the prescribed two months) you’ll be able to run for a whopping 30 minutes.

Since starting this programme and running every other day, I’ve seen an increase in my fitness and even my resting heart rate has gone down… I feel better for doing it and the fact that it builds you up slowly means it doesn’t feel overwhelming… you can always repeat a week if you feel like you’re at the best level for you at the time.

Find out more about the programme

(*PR gift/sample)

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