Wow Beauty Loves: July 2021

Wow Beauty Loves: July 2021

Welcome to a new Wow Beauty Loves… our monthly favourites from July!

We’re always trying out new products and we love talking about them… here’s a sneak peek into what we’ve been loving recently!

What have you been reaching for?

Jessica’s Picks…


Curlsmith Bond Curl Rehab Salve

This is an amazing protein treatment which is fab for coloured hair like mine and works to strengthen strands from the inside out. It’s an intense, pre-shampoo treatment that has made it easy to slip into my routine… love! The treatment has really helped reduce the ‘wet frizz’ I experience when washing my hair, leaving me with better curl clumps and overall, stronger, healthier hair.

Buy the curl rehab salve from Curlsmith

Olixa Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser

Looking for a cleanser with a difference? This fabulous gummy facial cleanser from Olixii is unlike anything I’ve seen before! You apply this cleanser as an even layer to the skin, then create a suction effect by pressing and lifting the palms of your hands against the skin to help gently lift up makeup and grime… and it’s quite fun! It then washes off easily, becoming milky when water is applied to the face, leaving your skin soft and glowing.

One of the key ingredients in this cleanser is Kakudu Plum, which is the world’s richest natural source of vitamin C and it also contains phenolic acid to gently exfoliate the skin.

Buy the Gummy Cleanser from Olixa

Denise’s Picks…

Jane Scrivner Whipped Butter Polish

Ooooh this was new in this week and it’s already on my love list! This physical exfoliant is gentle but effective thanks to bamboo powder….so it polishes without scratching…love that! Plus it contains skin-boosting ingredients like omega-rich mango and avocado butter for repair and nourishment, as well as cinnamon to help with blemishes & Cardomom oil which is great for preventing breakouts & has Vitamin C for collagen support.

This leaves my combination skin smooth, soft and polished. Watch this space for my full review.

Buy the Whipped Butter Polish from Jane Scrivner

WildCrafted Organics Wild Rose Botanical Mist 

As a fan of facial mists, I love it when a mist delivers more than just water! I’m currently using this gorgeous blend from WildCrafted Organics which is a blend of organic rose, hyaluronic acid (the mega hydrator ) vitamin B3 and a complex of 3 different Australian plums, good for increasing skin hydration.

This lightly fragranced mist is fab at any time of the day but especially before applying serums and face oils.

Buy the mist from WildCrafted Organics

(This is currently only available to shop from Australia, but this is changing… soon)

(*PR gift/sample)

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