M.E. SKINLaB Huile 27

This oil is sexy, from its sleek packaging to its effect on the skin! This is a bio-nourishing cell regenerating oil composed of  7 natural vegetable oils like macadamia oil which strengthens, tiger nut oil which nourishes, and the magic ingredient of Centella asiatica which is known for its healing and regenerating abilities. This oil feels like it was made just for your skin, it sinks in easily and leaves your face feeling supple, nourished and protected from environmental stressors.

Another bonus is that it works perfectly well under makeup, so you can use it day or night.

It’s a French brand that is the brainchild of Michele Evrard, who started the line in 2009. Trained as a pharmacist, her skincare philosophy is ‘less is more’…and its true, with this oil all you need is to apply it day or night.

Available at www.beautyworkswest.com 59.00