I already have a soft spot for Merumaya products, so it’s great to be able to tell about their most recent launch ‘Everything Everywhere Oil’. Now in case you haven’t already guessed it….I love an oil…face, body, hair you name it I’ll be interested. There’s something very sensual, soothing and yet very functional about oils….maybe it’s the way in which they seem to be in perfect harmony with our skin.

So, you ask ….what’s so special about this oil. Well for starters as its name says you can use it everywhere, face body and hair which is very convenient. But more than that is the fact that it contains Kahai oil, which is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which make it super effective for skin nourishment, protection and of course anti-ageing. It also boasts squalene for suppleness and elasticity, along with oat oil which mimics the skins lipid barrier = more moisture. This oil sinks nicely into the skin leaving it with a lovely healthy glow, it smells lovely…like a light clean floral, so you can use it everywhere without fear of it overwhelming any other fragrance that you might use.

It currently comes in a 50ml size which is great for travelling but I really hope that they bring out a 100ml size soon 😉merumaya oil 2

Available from www.merumaya.com for £26.50 for 50ml