This body oil is sexy. It is a perfumed oil, that moisturises your skin leaving it soft and supple, while at the same time leaving your skin beautifully scented with the aroma of Jasmin. Now, it is on the luxury side of the market in terms of price and presentation, but those that try it become addicts.

Olio Lusso oils have gained cult status partly due to the story of their creator Linda Rodin who ended up creating her own oils in 2007 because she wanted simple, sensual but effective skincare. The other reason for it’s cult status is that it works and that’s largely due to the eleven essential oils including Jojoba, Neroli, Rosehip and Argan all of which help to nourish, revitalise and soothe the skin.

When you buy this oil, you are getting a body oil + a fragrance, so if you love florals and in particular Jasmin, then you’ll love this oil, as Jasmin is the top note, so if you are a perfume wearer, you’ll want to wear a fragrance that compliments it or just wear Olio Lusso on its own!

Available here 88.00 120ml