The Artisan Facial by 3107 London

I love facials and I am especially fond of good facials, really good facials. That said I’ve had my share of facials over the years and while some have been very nice, others have left me wishing that I’d stayed at home and just applied a couple of masks. Well, that’s not the case with this one.

The first thing that has to be said is that Dija’s warm and nurturing energy is just what you need when you’re about to entrust your skin to someone… You really don’t want the person doing your facial to be like a robot who just goes through the motions and follows the guidebook, you want a ‘Dija experience’. You want an experience where you are made to feel that you and your skin are unique and with Dija that’s just what you get…. there is no “one size fits all”…it’s bespoke.

In her easy conversational style Dija gets all the relevant info that she needs from you about your skin: how you look after it and what you’d like to improve and before you know it, you’ve confessed your sins. My biggest one was that I don’t wear sunscreen everyday… yes, yes okay I know I should practice what I preach and you’ll be glad to know that I do wear it now, so thank you Dija very much mwah!

What you get in exchange is a skin education as Dija is passionate about ensuring that her clients learn about their skin and I love that! She is very passionate about skin and feels a responsibility to ensure your ongoing education. My combination skin doesn’t really give me any trouble except for getting too shiny in that t-zone area so that in pictures I can look like I’ve been oiled…and that’s not pretty! I like to think that I know a fair amount about skincare, but I also know that you can never know everything and that sometimes what you think is the situation with your skin isn’t, which is why Dija’s approach is so precious… she says “Far from just letting you walk out at the end of your treatment, I will provide you with expert guidance that will empower your skincare choices. Honest and unbiased product recommendations, lifestyle tips and anything else I feel will help you in journey to better skin”.

What I had
I had a lactic acid peel which was designed to brighten my skin as well as strengthen it. While I’ve had many different facials,  I’ve never had a peel before but I felt confident and relaxed in Dija’s skilled hands.
Why a peel? I explained to Dija that I’m obsessed with having glowing skin, well who doesn’t right? But for me this is because I don’t like wearing foundation, so at best I wear a primer and some face powder, so I like my skin to be in good glowing shape.

Dija used her own fabulous products which are hand-blended in small batches using pure botanicals and aromatic essential oils, as well as products from the Elethea Luxury Beauty skincare range packed with some of the world’s most powerful natural ingredients, this is a marriage made in heaven.

Dija explained that she uses lactic acid because it’s gentle on the skin and explained that lactic acid peels are good for:
Hyper pigmentation
Improved skin texture
Improved skin tone
Fine lines
And yes, brightening and moisture retention

Did it sting or burn? – No
Was it in any way uncomfortable? No
The immediate result brighter skin, especially in the areas where I was a little congested.
The longer term result – my skin looked brighter and ‘poreless’.   (yes I will admit to having some pesky larger than I’d like pores in the upper cheek area)

Did I mention the facial massage? Well, that is the added bonus! Dija gives you a bespoke facial and a de-puffing, lymph moving, tension busting, muscle relaxing facial massage! What are you waiting for? Book yours now by calling 0203 011 0355.

The Artisan Facial is available exclusively at Anamaya Health and Wellbeing, Kensington from £85.

Denise xx


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