I have to start by saying that this vitality body oil was love at first smell! As soon as I pumped a few drops onto my hands, inhaled and massaged it in I was addicted, so addicted that I sent Lisa, the fab Fempreneur behind this aromatherapy brand a text saying ‘wow…I love this’! This addictive oil hits you with its uplifting aroma…vitality is definitely a good name for it.

The blend

This is a blend of Neroli, Pettigrain and May Chang oils blended in a base of Apricot kernel oil.
  • Neroli comes from the flowers of the bitter orange tree and has a lovely floral but citrusy fragrance. More than just a lovely scent, It is reputed for its calming and relaxing fragrance and is said to effective as a natural tranquilliser, and being useful in treating  insomnia and anxiety. Neroli is also effective when used on the skin as it has regenerative qualities as well as being anti bacterial and anti inflammatory.
  • Pettigrain comes from from the bitter orange tree and has a woody, floral scent. It is known for the qualities of being an antiseptic,  anti-depressant, sedative,  deodorising oil. It is known for being a mood booster helping to calm stress and anxiety. On the skin its good for moisturising and for treating skin issues like acne.
  • May Chang is a sweet smelling but fresh floral often described as the ‘happy oil’ thanks to its powerfully uplifting quality, making it an effective mood booster and anxiety beater….perfect for when you need a boost! When used on the skin it leaves it silky and smooth and is especially good for calming acne prone or oily skin.
With 3 powerhouse oils like this it’s no surprise that this gorgeous blend is so addictive!

What’s to love 

  • The instantly uplifting fragrance of this oil that can be used as a body moisturiser or a massage oil.
  • The fact that the blend delivers thanks to the carefully thought out blend of oils.
  • The quality of the oil, made with high quality ingredients giving it a silky and lush texture when used as a body oil and great slip when used for massage.