It’s the perfect time of year for a review of your cleansing routine and if you’re looking for something different then you could consider trying a cleansing powder. Yes, a cleansing powder. Now this one by Rodin really is the chicest, most luxe version that I’ve come across so far; as you’d expect from Rodin- it comes in their chic signature Rodin black and white packaging and of course when you open it you discover a stylish glass bottle of white powder.

Now of course there’s more to this than just the pleasure of opening it. There’s also the signature scent of Jasmin to enjoy. This cleanser can be used in 2 ways, as a basic cleanser and as an exfoliating cleanse.

It’s easy to use: for a creamy basic cleanse pour about the size of a 5p or a dime into your hands and add water, build it up and then apply to your face massaging gently, rinse.

For an exfoliating cleanse do the same as above, but use less water.

Voila, the white powder turns into a very effective cleansing paste and  leaves your skin feeling clean, without stripping it of its natural moisture and it does it with  rice bran, moisturizing jojoba and sea algae.

Available from £48.00 for 22g