Wow Beauty’s Star Picks of 2019

Wow Beauty’s Star Picks of 2019

Beauties… tomorrow marks the last day of 2019… the end of a year and the end of a DECADE is approaching, can you believe it?

This period is often a time for reflection and for planning what your goals are for 2020… big and small. Of course, as this year comes to a close it’s time for us to look back at some of the products that have stood out for us in 2019. These aren’t all new products that have come out this year – but these are the products we’ve really found ourselves reaching for this year and have become an absolute staple in our routines.

What are your favourites from the year?

aromatherapy associates

Aromatherapy Associates – Forest Therapy Bath & Shower Oil

It’s easy to wonder just how much a bath oil can do for our wellbeing and just how much you can write about it….especially if you’re used to using ordinary bath oils. Essentially it smells nice and hopefully your skin is left moisturised after a lovely soak…right? Well Aromatherapy Associates oils are far from ordinary and they deliver on many so levels!

Read our full review here
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Alpha H –  Beauty Sleep Power Peel

We’re all looking for those powerhouse products that really step up the game in skincare. Those products that combine those star ingredients to create something magical.

Australian brand Alpha H has created something quite special with their Power Peel – combining two of the hot ingredients at the moment – Glycolic Acid and Retinol.

This has the classic Alpha H tingle, courtesy of the Glycolic Acid content in this product! It really feels like it’s doing something, which is great. Love the Alpha H Glycolic products, so knew this would be a winner! There have been studies to show that glycolic acid has increased efficacy when used with retinol and this is a really fabulous, effective product.

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alpha h sleep peel
aveda damage remedy

Aveda – Daily Hair Repair

It feels great in the hair and I really felt like it was smoother and softer, even after one use. It also has a heat protectant in it – so if you’re planning on using heat on your hair, this is something you’d like. With consistent use, this product has made my hair feel stronger and combatted frizz beautifully. I always use this before diffusing my hair!

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Colourpop – Flexitarian Highlighter

This truly is Jessica’s favourite highlighter and it has been her most used highlighter of 2019… she even has a backup ready to go.

This is one of Colourpop’s supershock highlighters, which to everyone who has used a product from them, would recognise as they unique, almost wet feeling textured products. This product blends beautifully into the skin and is the perfect shade to make my skin glow, looking almost wet and blinding without looking too over the top (although this really isn’t a subtle highlight).

Of course – if this shade isn’t your colour, they have a fabulous range for everyones taste and skintone.

Buy the product from the US site here (you pay the customs and tax on their website so it doesn’t get caught by the mail on the way here!)

colour pop

Codex – Bia Facial Oil

In this age of constant skincare innovation, every so often a brand comes along that marries science with nature and those kind of brands always catch my attention. Codex beauty is one such brand that offers organic skin care that is free of harmful ingredients and yet uses science and technology as its base.

As a big fan of facial oils, I couldn’t wait to get started with this one and I wasn’t disappointed. This oil has a lovely light texture and it sinks into your skin beautifully without leaving any surface shine just a subtle glow and the added bonus is that it smells simply gorgeous, it has an uplifting woody kind of fragrance and you can definitely smell the rosemary perfect for a little bit of mindful facial massage you know the drill inhale first and then apply to your skin.

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Full review – coming soon!

Lumity – 4 in 1 Cleanse

This beautiful cleanser is a fabulous multi tasker. Not only is it a cleanser, it also doubles as a mask. The skin is left beautifully balanced and cleansed. Love it!

Lumity have worked their magic again With this lush 4 in one product. This works in whichever way you want it ….it’s great as a skin food mask and as a nourishing cleanser…the results are visible. The ingredients include goodies like boabab seed oil, camellia seed oil and activated bamboo charcoal.

Full review – coming soon!
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lumity cleanser
skin alchemists

Skin Alchemists – The Humble Warrior Cleansing Oil

The Humble Warrior complete cleansing oil – aptly named as cleansers have a lot of serious work to do as the first part of a skincare regime and as the brand say “you need a warrior that brings an armoury of cleansing and healing oils.”

This oil is all about the ritual and is perfect for indulging in some mindful cleansing, you know the kind where you spend time warming at all in the palm of your hand, applying it to your face and indulging in some gentle facial massage as you work the oil into your skin, benefiting from its gorgeous aroma. The brand positively encourages this kind of ritualised cleansing and as you know we’re all about that to.

Read the full review here
Buy the cleansing oil here

79 Lux – Golden Oil 

It all started with the 79 Lux body balm which has been a game changer in the body lotion arena, thanks to its innovative blend and while it’s busy winning awards, Karen has launched Golden Oil, yet another game changer to dazzle us with. This is a lush blend of Gold infused cold pressed and essential oils… yes I said gold…real gold. This multitasking body oil also includes deeply rejuvenating, Marula, Frankincense, Rose and Helichrysum in its Ingredients list. And Karen says that not only can we use it on our bodys but also to give a glow to our faces and hair. Love it!

Buy the oil here

79 lux oil
kiki health

Kiki Health- Nature’s Living Superfood

Organic Nature’s Living Superfood is a green alkalising whole food supplement, designed to support your daily nutritional needs. With a busy life, sometimes I know I don’t always get the nutrition I need on a daily basis, this supplement works as a great support.

As a long time green superfood powder devotee I’m loving this blend of green vegetables like kale, wheatgrass along with sea vegetables like spirulina, kelp and probiotics. This is easy to take and is good for cleansing, detoxifying and boosting digestive health amongst other benefits.

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Wild Nutrition – Ashwaganda

I love the brand Wild Nutrition because they are passionate about using high grade ingredients and Food-Grown technology plus they have a keen focus on women’s health concerns ….love that!

As a chronically poor sleeper, I’ve noticed that while I’m not suddenly sleeping beauty the quality of the sleep that I am getting in between wakefulness is better and I’m feeling more refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Buy it here

Find out more about Ashwaganda

wild nutrition

Sesderma – Hidraderm Hyal Facial Cream

2019 has been the year we’ve really appreciated the amazing properties of Hyaluronic Acid! The Hidraderm Hyal Facial Creamis a lovely cream enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to promote water retention in the skin – it has 3 different types in it to really get into the skin.

Buy the cream here

UMA – Aloe Rose Toner

When is a toner not just a toner? When it’s a moisturiser of course. This Uma Absolute Anti Aging Aloe Rose Toner is just that. This is luscious and full bodied …I know that it sounds like I’m describing a bottle of wine and in many ways it’s like that.
The starting point of this is a rose water base, not just any rose water though, but like many of their ingredients from their own farm. And then the magic starts with the Inclusion of a multitude of potent plant based ingredients, precious and celebrated Ayurvedic botanicals.

Read the full review here

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uma toner

Denise and Jessica

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