5 steps to perfecting your brows!

5 steps to perfecting your brows!

Beauties, with salons being closed at the moment we’ve all been taking our brows into our own hands… please do so with care!

Here are some tools for you to help keep your brows groomed and under control.

Fact: it’s all about brows and perfectly defined brows help to frame your entire face and bring out your eyes, with or without additional makeup. Add to that the fact that we are all generally born with the brow shape that best suits our face.

When enhancing our brows, it’s often best to work with the shape that we have as opposed to trying to change them completely.

So here are 5 steps to beautiful brows

  1. Use a brow brush to brush them up, this will allow you to see more of the shape of your brows and to see where they are sparse or uneven.
  1. I like to powder the brow area with translucent face powder to remove any excess oils. Next, using short dash-like upward strokes to mimic your natural hairs, softly fill in any sparse areas with your product of choice: we are spoilt for choice with products for this. Most brands have produced products with a pencil on one end and a brush on the other end and these are easier to use than a traditional pencil because they have super fine tips or are slanted making them perfect for reproducing the look of hair. It’s important to use a colour that best matches your brows and fill in lightly, building more if needed. Depending on your hair colour you may want to opt for an ash tone or dark brown (jet black is often too harsh).
  1. Next, use the brush end to gently brush through. Resist the urge to overly fill in the inside corners of the brows or make the end points too harsh.
  1. Brush through brows again with a spoolie to blend out the colour and soften any harsh lines.
  1. To set the look and hold the hairs in place, use a brow setting gel.

Here are some we’d recommend:

Anastasia Beverly Hills
Brow Wizz

Good Proof Eye Pencil

Estee Lauder
The Brow Multitasker

Lock On Liner and Brow Cream

Giorgio Armani
Eye & Brow

Sourcils Gel Waterproof Gel-Cream Eyebrow Pot

Tips for growth

If you are lacking in the brow department due to over plucking start treating your brow area at night by massaging with a natural oil like castor, olive or sweet almond oil.

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