The latest foundation offering from Armani got me all manner of excited.  High coverage and long lasting are two qualities I love in a foundation. Armani are known for their foundations and a pretty inclusive range so I had high hopes. Power Fabric is available in 13 shades and the deepest shade works for me.  Shade 12 is considerably lighter. In my opinion Armani could had three shades between 12 and 13 and ideally 3 shades deeper than 13 to be more representative of the population.

Power Fabric is housed in a sturdy glass bottle with a pump.  Definitely worth a space on your dressing table.  The foundation itself has a subtle floral mixed with chemical smell. For me, it was not off putting as it dissipates once it is on the skin. It feels very light on the skin, like you are not wearing anything. I used it with a brush and a sponge and I feel that the sponge gives a flawless finish.  It is a buildable product so my preferred way to use it so apply it all over the face with a dense brush, then finish off the look with sponge to add an additional layer on the areas where my pigmentation is peeking through. It is beautiful on the skin. Powder and cream cheek products layer on seamlessly with no patchiness. I powdered in the t-zones and not the rest of the face as I have combination skin but it looks beautiful not powdered. I got eight hours of flawless wear on the skin. From eight hours onwards it did not separate but my face started to get oilier and my pigmentation around my chin was showing.

Overall, Power Fabric gets a double thumbs up from me. It really is high coverage and long lasting without looking like a mask on the skin.

Buy the foundation for £40 from Armani 

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