August 2017

There is one universal truth about women and their skin and is this we all no matter where we’re from we all want to know the secret to glowing skin.

One of the questions I get asked the most is how can I get my skin to glow or how can I get my glow back and my answer is always the same: through good skincare that is for your particular skin type and by using products that help to enhance your glow.

I was excited when the team over a Good Housekeeping Magazine beauty department asked me for my top tips for women of colour on how to “get your glow on”, because it’s often tricky for women of colour to know which tones and techniques will give a fabulous glow without leaving us looking as if we’ve been visited by the shine fairy. It’s also about knowing which skincare products can help to brighten the skin such as a good exfoliator and the use of serums that contain brighteners like vitamin C for example. So if you are searching for tips on how to get your glow on, have a read of this great article and feel free to ask me anything!

Denise xx


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