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Beauties, here’s a gorgeous red lip look from our recent shoot! You must have noticed that red lips are everywhere and clearly never go out of style!


Here’s how you can recreate this gorgeous look for yourself.


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Clinique – Superprimer Face Primer


It’s all about skin so starting with a great base is a must-have. 


This is primer from Clinique is fantastic as it works on all skin types. It ticks all the boxes of being a lightweight, oil-free primer that creates a good base for long-lasting foundation. 

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Bobbi Brown – Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF – in the shade Walnut


For this look, you don’t need to use a heavy foundation so this serum foundation from Bobbi Brown is a great option. They also have a really great shade range, which is something we always look out for. 


It doesn’t give too much coverage and it still keeps the skin looking like skin and gives a lovely glow.

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Kevyn Aucoin – The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss


This look is stunning with a sheen on the eyelids and this one from Kevyn Aucoin is a personal favourite of Denise’s.


It just adds an extra element and texture to the look and photographs beautifully.  

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L’Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara


The look is more focused on the lips than the eyes, but you want to use a mascara that will make your lashes look great. This a lovely mascara and we love that it also has castor oil so is nourishing on the lashes.

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Fenty Beauty – Stunna Lip Paint – Uncensored


On the lips Denise used Fenty Beauty’s Stunna lip paint, which really is the star of the show here.


This took a few layers to build to the intensity that we wanted for the shot, but our lovely model said that even when layered up, it didn’t feel heavy and it photographs beautifully.

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Of course, these are just what we used but we’d like to share with you some other options that would work beautifully for this as well!

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Marc Jacobs Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer

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BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

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mac eye gloss

MAC Studio Eye Gloss

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Burts Bees Lipstick in Crimson Coast

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“Nothing says confidence and glamour like a classic red lip.” – Bobbi Brown

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Photoshoot photographer: http://alexsarginson.com
Makeup by Denise Rabor Wow Beauty

Hair by Violet Savin-Brown

Model: Adeola Karaole: @AdeolaK on Instagram

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Clinique’s Superprimer is £23 from Boots
Bobbi Brown’s Serum Foundation is £48 from Bobbi Brown
Kevyn Aucion’s Eye Gloss is £30.50 from Cult Beauty
L’Oreal Paradise Mascara is £11.99 from Boots
Fenty Beauty Lip Paint is £19 from Harvey Nichols

(*PR gift/sample)